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Are Cigalikes Useful?

Are Cigalikes Useful?


As the vaping world expands and technology modifies technology to be more affordable, compact, and user friendly, corner store cigalikes have seen an uptick in popularity. This is particularly true for smokers that are looking to kick their habit for something that provides them with their nicotine fix and looks and acts similar to a cigarette.

These products are easy to use, more discreet than mods, and offer all the flavor you could expect from other vape systems. In this article we will look at the usefulness of these corner store cigalikes, and suggest some of the different types that are sold here at Breazy.

What Are Cigalikes?

A cigalike is a smaller sized electronic cigarette which you can find at most corner stores if you live in a large city like New York City. For instance, on my corner store they sell the Juul, Blu, Logic and MyJet cigalikes. They’re more expensive than if you buy them from the Breazy website, but they are still readily available.

It fits in your hand like a cigarette and easy to take a few puffs before putting it stealthily back into your pocket before anyone notices. These devices replicate the analog cigarette experience more accurately while providing higher doses of nicotine.

Comparing Brands

First, let’s look at the JUUL, which features non-refillable pods and four different flavors. offerings. It has 50 plus milligrams of nicotine per milliliter is not something to be taken lightly if you chain vape. This type of pod is designed for instant gratification. The nicotine in the JUUL Pods has a bit more of a throat hit, which is similar to a cigarette. It is useful for heavy smokers that tried quitting a few times and needs a higher dosage of nicotine to get through the day.

Next is the MyJet which offers access to both pre-filled pods and refillable pods. Since you are able to use your own liquid, this device is best suited to vapers who want a lot of flavor options. It’s a versatile design, and lasts the longest of the three brands.The MyJet fills a void in that refillable cigalikes have been few and far between over the years.

Last but not least is the My. Von Erl, which is generally the best according to most reviewers. Its quality is top notch and its pods are virtually leak proof. The Von Erl is about twice as thick as a JUUL, but that's still pretty small. Unlike the JUUL pods, it offers an 18mg pod hits, which doesn’t overload the senses with a strong nicotine punch. The big drawback on the My. Von Erl is the lack of refillable pods, even though the pods are a better value than the JUUL. The My Von Erl pods carry approximately 2.7 ml per pod, which is more than three times the volume of liquid in a JUUL pod.


You are your own best judge for your vaping needs, and each one of these has its own explicit purposes. However, for dollar for dollar the winner here in my book is the My. Von Erl, which is the best overall for value, performance, and ease of use. The JUUL pods are good if you’re a heavy smoker and looking for that nicotine fix that you can’t get elsewhere, and the MyJets are good if you’re into flavor collection. Each to their own. Happy Vaping!