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Be A Vape Star: Anti-Halloween Costumes for Vapers

Be A Vape Star: Anti-Halloween Costumes for Vapers


So you’re a vaper who got invited to a Halloween party, but you don’t want to deal with that whole getting dressed-up-in-a-costume racket? Not one that involves fictional characters, at least.

We understand, so here’s something that can be a happy middle ground: Celebrities. Even better, celebrities who vape!

Point of fact. Off-duty celebrities don’t really wear anything special when they’re out running errands. In fact, they generally sport a normcore look. So go into your dresser, put on whatever you’d wear on any other regular Wednesday night, and have a totally valid excuse as to why you have a vaporizer on you. It’s a critical accessory that completes the whole look!

Sound good? Good. Here’s our Top Normcore Vape Celeb Halloween Ideas.


Shia LaBeouf...what happened? Whether he’s transforming into a meme or becoming an art exhibit, you can’t deny the Even Stevens star turned B-list movie actor is an outsized presence in real life—even by former child actor tabloid fame standards. Anyway, this guy is a real-life vaper.

How do you dress like Shia LaBeouf? Put a paper bag over your head that says: “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” like he famously did on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival. If you don’t have a paper pag lying around the house, don’t use a plastic one, because it could suffocate you and no one wants a dead Shia LaBeouf impersonator at their party.

Don’t forget to grab a SMOK Stick Prince to keep yourself as close to the Prince of Memes as possible!



Robert Pattinson, the literal vamp tween heartthrob of a decade ago who is in danger of being typecast as characters who look dead. The British actor is known for his very pale Twilight character, Edward Cullen, and for playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, before he got killed off by Wormtail and Lord Voldemort. But, more importantly, he is also known for vaping!


How does one dress up as a modern off-duty vampire who prefers vaping to drinking blood? Imagine dressing like you have plenty of money to buy really nice clothes at Harrods, while looking pale enough to have a bad bout of anemia. We suggest overpriced jeans and a luxe T-shirt. Or whatever else you have lying around, since no one is going to know you are Robert Pattinson anyway. Also, we recommend accompanying this look by sporting a Brain Freeze e-cig for that whole ‘dead guy walking’ look.

Katy Perry, pick a Perry, any Perry, honestly. You can be early 2000s Katy with the ‘Kissed A Girl’ reformed-Christian-girl-raunchy-vibe, the ‘Teenage Dream’ boyish charmer, or go full Candyland with the California Girls homage. Especially if you’re using candy flavor pods!

However, like our vaping Queen of Pop, we’d recommend rocking an outrageously cute, kitschy vaporizer like the Joyetech Atopack. Mostly because it has Joy in the name and Katy is joyful.

Simon Cowell is the perfect costume for the snark in the group. Instead of being judged by the masses, be the judge of the masses!

Low-key, we didn’t know that during American Idol, Simon actually produced the show. Explains why his opinion was so highly regarded other than the fact that he’s British.


And what's more British than judging everything and everyone? Simple clothes in navy, white, or black. Simon doesn’t do frills, it’s YOUR job to dazzle HIM. He wouldn’t be caught dead with a one-time use, so get a Rock Pod Mod System.  After all, he’s a very busy globe-trotter in multiple countries. Sleek and simple is key for Simon.

Have fun rocking your normcore vape look this spook night. And happy treating!