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Before You Pack: The Best (And Worst) Countries for Vaping

Before You Pack: The Best (And Worst) Countries for Vaping


Before You Pack: The Best (And Worst) Countries for Vaping

What if we told you there are actual places where being a vaper actually makes you feel welcome and, unfortunately, more where it would suck….and might even land you in jail?

While we've talked about countries that have accepted vaping and vape products, we haven’t recently addressed what it means around the world for people who want to visit, live, work, party, and vape.

So before you stuff that carry-on or browse Google Maps for vape shops near your vacation destination, please check out this quick and helpful list what we think are the best, and worst, places to vape.


The Worst Places


Yes, one of the culinary capitals of the world has been voted number one in the worst places to try to vape. At least according to an article from the Manila Standard. Thanks to  a survey of 36 national organizations, 33 of them nominated Thailand as having the most restrictive vaping laws in the world.

Why? It’s all in the approach to both locals and tourists. Police have a tendency to  search vehicles at roadblocks for e-cigarettes and other undesirables, using any discoveries to extract fines...and up to 10 years in prison.


Ouch - but do you know who's in the running for second place? Australia, with 18 nominations, was considered the second-worst country for vapers globally. We aren’t surprised, since even the general public is still fighting for vaping and vape products to be legalized.  

Third-worst goes to India was third with 16 votes. But to be fair, India is geared towards a significant revolutionary period with their laws. So, keep your fingers crossed but maybe avoid putting it on your list for holiday visits anytime soon.


The Best Places

UK Vape Friendly For Travelers

Ok, so we talked about the worst places, so where’s the best? The top contender isn’t America (yet), but our amicable blokes from across the pond in the UK. Just don’t drive and vape there. Or anywhere, seriously. You’ll be fined 2,500 pounds, which our freelance writer told us was $3,000 because, we get it Schané, you went to England.

(We love her, we’re just a bit jealous.)

And second place is guten old Germany with 25 nominations. Although they have regulations aplenty, they don’t have any personal issues with vaping and believe it’s a step in the right direction. By switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, scientists in the nation have found that vapers dramatically and quickly reduce their exposure to lots of other harmful toxins in smoke, including known carcinogens.


France Friendly to vapers who travel

France comes in third with 23 nominations, because even though there is a ban on smoking in public spaces, people still smoke publicly, so cest la vie? Maybe the notion that the French smoke way more often comes from too many vintage films. The most recent addition to this ban is from 2014, banning smoking of any kind in children’s playgrounds. You could be fined €68 for the offence (and you should, because that’s mean to do to kids). Same goes for smoking with kids in the car.

There’s a theme going on here, isn’t there?

Props to the the United Kingdom's government, which has long been a world leader in the vape scene - though that wasn't always the case. Roughly four years ago, the country's leaders actually wanted to ban all e-cigarettes.  But with 3 million native vapers and counting, and a swift decline in smoking, they have plenty reason to be more amicable.

So where did our sources come from? It was actually from a survey conducted at the annual Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, Poland which this year has attracted 500 delegates from 60 countries.

The organizations surveyed are members of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations. Each member was allowed to nominate up to five countries in the worst category and five in the best from a list of the world’s 100 most populous nations.

Along with the recent change of heart in some countries, several healthcare professionals and academicians are asking more nations to allow and regulate vaping or the use of electronic cigarettes in the face of growing evidence that these smoke-free nicotine products are the most effective harm reduction tool to end smoking.

Honestly, we hope they keep pushing. But we also should obey the laws as we can until those changes are made. So, always remember to do your research before you travel, and have a safe journey vaping internationally!