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Best Cotton for Vaping - 2021 Guide

Best Cotton for Vaping - 2021 Guide

When it comes to using
vape mods, three tricks work for newbies and serious vapers. To begin with, make sure your cotton doesn’t get charred or turn reddish. Secondly, remove any cotton-ish or chlorine-like fumes as they compromise the pure flavor of your pot. Lastly, keep the cotton saturated or boiled enough to prevent your wick’s end from burning. 

The only viable way to get to all these is by choosing the best cotton for vaping mode. Specifically, a premium quality variant made for the type of mod you’re using. It will efficiently bridge the gap between the liquid and the heating elements while allowing as many juices as possible to come into contact with the burner parts of your mod. 

Top Cotton for Vaping

As a result, the wick can produce the
best quality vapor that won’t choke you, make you sick, or expose you to secondary health risks. 

In this review, we'll look at three premium-quality kinds of cotton for vaping that guarantee a real bang for the buck. To help ease your search, we’ve detailed the key features, pros, and cons of each product in our list so you can get a custom-tailored hunt. 

Which Vape Cotton Should You Choose? 

Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 - Wick N Vape

’s 5 Pack Subtank Vertical Organic Cotton Coil 

Subtank vertical by KangerTech is the best organic cotton for vaping.  It works great when vaping or popping. So if you’re looking for something that will give your head a real rush, you won’t go wrong with this cotton. 


The body is made of several layers of fluffy fibers that offer an exceptional gradient for the e-liquid to sip through and get absorbed effortlessly. Not only that, the sub-tank vertical holds a generous amount of vape juice. You won’t need to refill regularly: only one soak will last several hours of uninterrupted hits. 

Sub-tank vertical works perfectly with 0.5 Ohm coil. It also accepts all wicks with a wattage range of 15 to 60. Additionally, the package comes jam-packed with up to 5 packs. You only need to change one coil to the other, and you’re likely to get the best experience ever.  


- Versatile for use with all 0.5 Ohm coil 

- Long-lasting and reusable fibers

- Provides liquid hold and sipping 

- Does not affect the flavor of your vape liquid 


- The flame doesn’t pinch out fast enough when extinguishing

Wick N Vape Cotton Bacon Prime

Organic Japanese Cotton

The shape of the cotton matters a lot when choosing the best fabric for your wick. From mesh to unicorn hair to agleted cotton, you’re likely to meet different shapes competing for your cash. Essentially, this is the best Japanese cotton for vaping wicks that require sheet or facial-shaped cotton.  


Organic Japanese Cotton is easy to insert into your device even when you’re already feeling tipsy. But if you want tiny pieces for your small devices, you can slice the fabric into small segments that are easy to roll.  

However, the primary reason why this product runs out of stock regularly is its fast lightning time. You don’t have to wait more than two seconds before it strikes a flame. As such, you’re likely to find it a premium choice for jet pods that require you to re-wick often.  

This foil-shaped cotton has exemplary absorbency, so you can be sure it will extract all the oils from your device’s reservoir. What's the best part? It doesn’t impact the flavor of the vape. 


- Ideal for use with larger and smaller wicks 

- The cotton keeps its shape even when soaked 

- The foil shape doesn’t pull out or pull apart easily once inserted into the wick

- Versatile for use with any e-juice

- Comes at a meager price tag


- Some defects when inserting into RDA

Wick 'N' Vape Cotton Bacon Bits V2

Organic Japanese Cotton Sheets

This is the best Japanese cotton sheet that’s worth every dime you intend to splurge. And for 200-pieces in a single pack, its price is a steal should you consider the premium features it comes with.


The organic sheets are quality-made, unbleached, and 100% chemical-free. You can use this pack for a whole lifetime without having to worry about the risks of poisoning or other popular infections.  

Each sheet measures 5x6 inches. But if you want slightly smaller pieces, the sheets are easy to trim along the edges or center to help you achieve any desired shape or size fits. This organic Japanese cotton is an ideal treat for your wick since it comes with premium cotton that will savor every single juice from the reservoir.  

It also has an exceptional transfer of e-juice to the atomizer without affecting the flavor or taste of the juice. Once soaked, light your e-cigar, and you’ll get a perfect chance to enjoy everything you need from your premium e-cigar.  


- The fibers are soft and do not pull apart 

- Excellent quantity for such a smaller price tag

- The cotton keeps its shape both when soaked or dry 

- Ideal for use with any type of vaping mod


- Feels a bit lose on a 3 mm coil

Lemon Drops - Candy King E Liquid

Cotton Candy (Salt E-Liquid)

Salt E-liquid is a well-established brand whose releases are known across the globe for their outstanding features. Well, candy cotton is not an exemption. Taking only one shot will make you fall in love with its absorption power and 100% original juice flavor. It doesn’t produce even a single tone of undesired flavor.  

Considered the best wicking cotton for vaping,  Cotton Candy is made of light, fluffy fabrics that feel soft between the palm. It presses the lips softly, allowing you to savor the taste of the juices anytime you intend. Cotton candy is not agleted, so you’ll need to twist the end of your coil. What's more? The fabric is flexible enough, and it will keep its shape and not rip apart during the whole process.


- Soft fabrics keep their shape 

- Last longer than your regular cotton 

- Versatile for use with any e-cigar 

- Ideal for vapers looking to retain the flavor of your vape


It may not work well for jet e-cigar

Can I Use 100% Pure Cotton for Vaping? 

Yes, you can use pure cotton for vaping. Just that chances are that it will get charred faster compared to organic cotton. Pure cotton does not also burn evenly. Consequently, the flavor won’t be uniform. 

How Much Is Cotton for the Vape?  

Cotton for vaping comes in different sizes, lengths, and price tags. Depending on the quality and nature, the cheapest can cost 1 USD. At the higher end are premium variants that are one hundred to thousand bucks worth. 

How Often Should You Change the Vape Cotton?  

If you care for your health, you should change your vape cotton every 1 to 2 days and get the best cotton for vaping. Don’t wait for the fabric to grease. You should also avoid leaving the cotton to dry burn, as this can cause some charred or fumes that are harmful to your health. 


Up to this point, finding the best cotton for vaping shouldn’t be a daunting task. You won’t go wrong with any of the products we have listed. If you need high-quality cotton for vaping, don't hesitate to visit Breazy.com.