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Best Green Apple Juices Reviews & Top Picks

Best Green Apple Juices


The sweet yet sour taste green apples naturally have is tantalizing for many people. They are the favorites of all time. Now picture that distinct taste mixed with flavors like honey, menthol, whatnot, and buttery pastry.

Blissful! That’s probably why the wide range of apple products like cakes, soda, candy, butter, and others don't last long on the shelves. One of the most incredible apple products is green apple vape juice.


Best Green Apple Juices Reviews & Top Picks

It comes in lots of flavors. This allows you to enjoy your favorite apple taste anytime you want. With plenty of apple e-liquids offered on the market, choosing the best vape juice for your needs can be pretty tricky.

Thankfully, this article offers you reviews of the best green apple vape juices you can find out there. So, you can compare and narrow down your selection to the best liquid to enjoy an excellent vaping experience.

Top 7 Best Green Apple Juices Reviews

Here are our top picks of green apple e-juices reviewed:

Reds Apple E Juice - Vape 7 Daze


1. Hard Apple Vape Juice by Candy King

Candy King is best known to offer e-liquids with exceptional qualities. So, there is no exception with the Hard Apple Vape Juice they provide. It features a dominant tasty green apple candy flavor that will refresh your childhood memories.

Moreover, this juice has a tangy, slightly sour, and sweet taste. No wonder it has won many vaper’s hearts. Most of the users say that its green flavor is on-point. You’ll find it with 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol, making it suitable for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing.

This vape juice also comes with varying nicotine strength levels such as 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Thus, you can also buy it in 100ml packed bottles.


- Quite sour and delicious in equal proportions for an excellent vaping experience

- It gives you fantastic throat hits without leaving any painful burns

- Available in different nicotine strengths to suit your individual needs for nicotine

- It has excellent ingredients that offer massive clouds for a remarkable feeling


- The flavor tends to grow weaker, forcing you to vape more often quickly

- It may taste like hard sour candy, leaving your mouth with an unpleasant smell

Grape Reds Apple E Juice - Vape 7 Daze

2. Sour Green Apple Straws Vape Liquid by Bazooka

The Green Apple Sour Straw Vape juice mainly contains two flavors; green apple and candy. Therefore, you can expect to get mesmerized by its remarkable sweetness.

Flood your taste buds with the rich tartness of a green apple this vape juice brings right away from the bat. After that, the juice’s sugary licorice flavor takes over to satisfy your cravings for sweetness while vaping.

The best thing is that this apple vape juice leaves your mouth with a smack of strong green apple candy savor when you exhale. You will find this Bazooka Sour Staws' delicious e-juice with a 70/30 mixture of VG/PG. As a result, it stands as another great option for cloud chasing.


- Tasty green apple vape flavor adds delight to your vaping

- Designed to leave your throat and mouth with a strong and pleasant smell

- It has an excellent VG and PG blend for enjoyable massive cloud chasing

- The sugary licorice flavor helps you meet your tooth’s cravings for sweet


- This apple vape juice doesn’t produce massive vapor

Melon Kiwi (Green Blast) - NKD 100 Salt E Liquid

3. Melon Kiwi Green Blast Vape Juice by Naked 100

Melon Kiwi Juice is yet another great e-liquid by Naked 100 on our list. There’s no doubt that it’s up to the task like many vape juices the company has ever offered. If you have already given the Green Apple Blast Vape Juice a try, then you understand what I mean. If not, this is the product you need to try.

It features an exquisite flavor of green apple, kiwi, and honeydew, with the former being the most dominant taste. This means that you can expect to enjoy an endless hint of tartness. The honeydew melon is responsible for the sweetness you’ll get in this green vape juice. Plus, the kiwi flavor gives a fresh tropical sense you’ll love every time you vape with this liquid.

Moreover, this e-juice offers an incredibly crispness of a granny smith green apple aftertaste that will leave you feeling blissful. You will find it with a 70/30 mixture of VG/PG. So, you can expect to enjoy some wonderful cloud-chasing experiences.


- It comes in various excellent flavors to choose from, and enjoy a special vaping session.

- The 70/30 VG/PG blend guarantees you massive cloud production

- Its kiwi flavor refreshes your mouth after vaping thanks to its tropical freshness

- Designed to help provide incredible hints of tartness when vaping


- Not all users enjoy the strong and powerful flavor this e-juice has

Green Apple - Zooka Vape E Liquid

4. Green Apple Zooka Vape E-liquid

Are you searching for an apple e-juice packed with lots of fruity goodness? Well, this Zooka Vape E-Liquid may be an excellent option for you. Every time you vape this e-liquid, you will remember the crispness, sweetness, and tartness featured in green apples.

When you smoke this e-juice, you open and experience a new world of the real tartness of high-quality ingredients such as green apples. After that, exceptional sweetness takes charge to satisfy your desire for sweetness. As you exhale the vapor, the fruit's juiciness tends to quench your thirst.

The VP/PG mix is in the ratio of 70:30. So, you can rest assured that Green Apple Vape Juice from STKY will deliver a massive, large, and dense fluff of clouds. However, this green e-juice comes when packed only in 60ml bottles, limiting your quantity selection.


- The green apple flavor gives a true and typical natural taste you can enjoy

- It has a remarkable VG/PG blend, making it an excellent option for use by devoted cloud chasers

- Flavorful and delicious enough to vape all day comfortably with great fun

- Its natural green apple taste offers you an exceptional vaping experience full of sweetness


- Contains only in two nicotine concentration strength levels 3mg and 6mg, hence unsuitable for nicotine-free users

Green Apple Sugar (Green) - Pixie Dust E Liquid

5. Green Apple Sugar Vape Juice by Pixie Dust

Do you love e-liquids with tart tastes? Green Apple Sugar Vape Juice might be just what you’re looking for. It offers you the best way to add flavor to your vape juice collection.

It features exclusively flavorful green apples and candies. So, you can expect to enjoy the sweetness this product carries whenever you vape. There’s no doubt that you’ll probably not think about going for other apple flavors on the market after vaping this e-juice.

Besides, this e-juice features 70% VG and 30% PG. This makes it ideal for users looking for green apple vape juice to produce more significant amounts of cloud. You'll also find it with high-quality nicotine in three levels that include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 9mg. And, it comes in 60ml bottle packs for convenience.


Green Apple Ice (Apple Ice) - Juice Roll-Upz Ice E Liquid

6. Green Apple Ice E Liquid by Juice Roll-Upz Ice

The Green Apple Ice E Liquid is rich in apple, candy, and menthol flavors. Therefore, you can be sure to enjoy this flavorful product anywhere you like. Its menthol flavor gives you a cool yet refreshing vaping experience. 

With a remarkable VG/PG mix, be ready to puff off massive clouds. Like most e-liquids on this list, Sour Menace is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations. It's packed in 60ml bottles for utmost portability.

Green Apple - Salt Bae 50 On Ice E Liquid

7. Green Apple Ice E-Liquid by Salt Bae 50

Salt Bae 50 brings you their perfect e-juice that’s a blend of green apple and menthol. These flavors blend with perfection to give you an all-day vaping. Once you vape this product, you’ll love the instant sweet blast of sour flavor. 

Besides, the green apple flavors swirls around your mouth leaving you with a crispy air fresh aftertaste. You can choose your preferred finest nicotine strength levels that include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 9mg.


Final Words

The above are our reviews of the best green apple vape juices you can get out there. It only takes you some little consideration to find the best option to match your vaping needs.

Remember to keep in mind factors such as the number of flavors, VG/PG blend, nicotine levels, and many others when selecting your best apple e-juice. Please do the same with our top picks above and narrow your selections to one perfect green apple vape liquid that meets your needs. Best of luck!