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The Best Smok Starter Kits in 2021

The Best Smok Starter Kits

In the bathing industry, competition continues to define the horizons for the foreseeable future. For that reason, it's not uncommon to hear people ask about the current reigning champion.

If you had to ask us, we'd say that SMOK is undoubtedly the titleholder as of the moment.

If you'd like to enter the world of vaping, Then we've got a great selection of starter kits designed for beginners. With them, you'll get everything you need to start all in one purchase.

SMOK Nord 15W Pod Kit

Smok Nord 15w Pod Kit

To begin, let's look at one of the most recognizable vaporizers on the market. Even people who haven't picked up the habit recognize this device as soon as they see it.

Affordably Priced:

Perhaps, the price tag plays a role in the incredible allure of this device. When you want to get started without breaking the bank, it's hard to find a better choice in our opinion,

Easy to Carry With You:

Besides, with other devices, you can't carry them with you nearly as easily as you can with this. As long as you have pockets, tucking it away will not pose a challenge.

3 Ml Pod:

On top of that, the pods provide plenty of space for all your juice. That way, you won't find yourself searching for a refill partway through your day. Instead, as long as you fill it in the morning, you'll have more than enough to last until nightfall.

1100 Ma Battery:

In addition to the plentiful space, you'll also have a generous battery. With it, you'll never have to worry about plugging into a charger until you get home.

Smok Nord 2 40w Pod Kit

Smok Nord 2 40w Pod Kit

Next up, we've got something to show you with a little bit more power. Sometimes, it makes sense to go with the device that is a little more substantial. That way, you'll never be stuck because of a lack of power.

10 Distinct Color Options:

Plus, if you like showcasing creativity, it will be difficult for you to find more suitable vaporizer. Since there are so many options, you can pick out something that suits your tastes perfectly.

Everything You Need All in One Kit:

Still, once you open up this box, it is difficult to walk away with a feeling of disappointment. After you pick up this kit, you won't need anything else to start vaping.

Variable Wattage:

Did we forget, with this device, you can select the precise wattage you would like to use. That way, you can adjust settings to produce the perfect vapor cloud when you use it.

Smok Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit

Smok Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit

Although this device is a bit larger, in some instances, people would prefer something with a little more size. As soon as you pick this one up, you'll notice the additional heft. To us, it's among the most prominent signs of quality this device has to offer.

Massive Vapor Clouds:

Compared to other vaporizers, you'll be producing clouds of unparalleled size. If that sounds like something enticing, then we suggest trying one of these out in person. Otherwise, it's difficult to describe only using words.

Large Enough to Hold Easily:

Of course, not everyone enjoys working with the tiny device. Even though tiny devices are becoming more popular, plenty of people prefer to work with something sizable. That way, it's easier for them to hold.

1600 Ma Battery:

Thanks to the increased size, there is extra space for the battery in this device as well. Therefore, you can expect one of the largest batteries in a vaporizer on the market. With that, lasting through the day will be a trivial endeavor.

Smok RPM40 Starter Kit

Smok Rpm40 Starter Kit

Now, as we continue through the list, you'll notice a trend beginning to emerge. The further down we go, the more extravagant the devices will be. For instance, take this one as a perfect example.

Stylish Choice:

Let's assume you are the kind of person who prefers to make a statement when they walk in the room. If that happens to be the case, then we would suggest using one of these. Since they are undeniably stylish, extroverted people tend to love them.

Plenty of Power:

Besides, with this much power, how much more could you ask for? Thankfully, you won't have to answer that question for us. As a result of our extensive experience, we already know the answer.

Smaller Size:

Even though this device is powerful, it manages to remain rather small. That way, you can carry around something with sufficient energy without feeling way down.

Power Ranges From 1 to 40 W:

Compared to other devices, you'll get an even wider range than you usually would. Most of the time, this feature might go unnoticed. However, when you are in need, you will be happy that it is they are.

SMOK Novo 3 Pod Starter Kit

Smok Novo 3 Pod Starter Kit

On most occasions, it won't matter which device you are using. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, the right device could make all the difference. By using one of these, you'll be ready for anything coming your way.

Integrated and Rechargeable 800 mAh Battery:

First and foremost, you'll notice the rechargeable battery. Not only does it provide plenty of power, but it also charges relatively fast. Since it is rapid charging, you'll never be stuck to the wall for too long. As soon as you plug it up, within a few moments, you'll be ready to get going.

6 W to 25 W:

Plus, this device has an adjustable wattage range. By using this, you can select the appropriate power level for any juice that you are using.

3 Volts to 4 Volts:

Additionally, you can even select the precise voltage level produced by the device. Compared to other companies, this brand continues to offer features that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Smok Rigel 230W Starter Kit

Smok Rigel 230w Starter Kit

How would you like to hold one of the most powerful vaporizers on the market in your hands? If we were in your shoes, we would be jumping at the chance. Thankfully, you can just order one of these on your own time instead.

Voluminous Vapor Cloud Production:

It doesn't take long to notice how powerful this device is after you start using it. Immediately, after your first hit, the vapor clouds will obscure your vision. Until you've experienced it firsthand, it's something that's nearly impossible for people to imagine.

Easy to Understand Display Screen:

Plus, once you start using this device, it'll be difficult to settle for anything less. Thanks to the display screen, you'll have more information available at your fingertips than you would have with any other option.

304 Stainless Steel Construction:

Topping it off, the stainless steel construction provides a supremely durable finish. After using such a sturdy device, it will be difficult to buy anything fragile. Thus, we suggest getting one of these as soon as possible. Otherwise, there may not be any on the shelf left for you to grab.