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Best Strawberry Banana Vape Juices

Best Strawberry Banana Vape Juices


Strawnana is another name for Strawberry Banana. It is a combination of two fruity flavors that delivers a creamy, smooth, sweet-tart kind of juicy, deliciously unified taste that is quite common with most vapers.

This combination is genius for anyone who loves their fruits and appreciates the captivating intermingling of the two.

This flavor provides a natural sweetness, eliminating the need to add artificial sweeteners. As a vaper, the vape juice you select is a determinant of your vaping experience and can shift to match your mood. 


Top Strawberry Banana Vape Juices


With a plethora of quality types and flavors available on the market, your experience can vary each time, giving you a taste of perfection each time.

To determine which vape juice is the best is like deciding which pet to keep. Ultimately, each person has their preference and their justifications of what drives their choices. 

However, in our pursuit to identify the best strawberry banana vape juices, we have compiled together a list indicative of the frequently procured e juices. Here is a guide of those that top the list, in no particular order of preference.

Strawberry - The One E Liquid

#1: Strawberry Banana - Vape Crepe E Liquid

This product combines a well-proportioned delight of delicious dessert flavor with fresh fruity brightness that provides a distinct flavor in a widely available juice form.

This product gives you an experience like no other, giving you the bold ripeness of strawberry and a sweet, batter-like tropical banana flavor. The classic crepe flavor will take you on a journey to France.

This Strawberry Banana flavor by Vape Crepe E Liquid has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70, making it suitable for even those who have allergies.

Tokyo Strawberry Banana - Tokyo Premium E Liquid

#2: Tokyo Strawberry Banana -Tokyo Premium E Liquid

The spicy mixture combines the renowned banana and strawberry flavors to create a sentimental and velvety combination that’s unique. Give your taste receptors a tease by vaping this flavor will allow you to savor the luscious strawberries and delicious banana hints as they effortlessly become acquainted with

The Tokyo Strawberry Banana flavor by Tokyo Premium E Liquid gives you the choice of selecting one of three nicotine levels, which are 6mg, 3mg, or 0mg, and is available in a 60ml bottle. Determine the right degree of intensity to thoroughly experience the e liquid and all that it brings with it.

Strawberry - Zooka Vape E Liquid

#3: Strawberry Banana - Smoothy Man E-Juice

Delightful on the palate, this product offers the classic taste of your favorite smoothie with its fruity flavor explosion. It's a great blend of ripe strawberries and rich bananas, giving you that natural sweetness in a smoothly blended product.

The Strawberry Banana flavor by Smoothy Man E-Juice is one of the fast-moving flavors, gaining popularity among vapers.

Strawberry - Jam Monster E Liquid

#4: Straw Nanners - The Ripe Collection E Liquid

To give you an excellent natural taste of the two fruit flavors, inhale this authentic blend and give yourself the gratification you deserve from a quality product. The product keeps you energized, and at the same time, provides you with an amalgamation of perfectly ripe strawberries and well-selected tropical bananas.

The Straw Nanners flavor by The Ripe Collection E Liquid is bound to keep you alert all day, a perfect way to start your day.

#5: Strawberry Banana Classic - All Day Vapes E Liquid

This tantalizing product makes the summer experience of picking strawberries come alive as you inhale each fruitful puff. It is topped up with the rich taste of bananas to create the perfect summer experience.

The Strawberry Banana Classic flavor by All Day Vapes E Liquid is available in a 60 ml bottle. Try filling your mouth with this blended vapor smoke, and you’ll think you’re partaking in the actual fruits.

Strawberry - Solace Vapor

#6: Straw Nanners On Ice - The Ripe Collection On Ice E Liquid

This product is a clear definition of how two unique flavors can combine without competing with each other for superiority. The Ripe Collection has made the two distinct flavors work in perfect unison, eliminating the pasty banana residue and sometimes bitter taste of strawberries.

Strawberry and banana are two of the top fruits in popularity and are loved by many, likely the reason behind this blend. The soothing menthol provides a considerable quantity of cooling ice to your tongue and throat, keeping away any disagreeable edge left by either fruit taste.

The Straw Nanners On Ice flavor by The Ripe Collection On Ice E Liquid offers a heavenly vaping experience.

Strawberry Ice - I Love Salts E Liquid

#7: Straw Nana - Bodega's Electric Salt E Liquid

This fruit flavor combination provides the perfect companion for any day, no matter your mood. It provides the much-needed assurance of a refreshing, clean blend capable of fluttering your heart with great taste. It's a popular strawberry and banana flavor that's common with both beginners and long-time vapers.

The Straw Nana flavor by Bodega's Electric Salt E Liquid is not designed for sub ohm vaping as it contains salt nicotine.

Strawberry Cream - Verdict Vapors

#8: Strawberry Banana Milkshake - CPV Signature Series E Liquid

Picture enjoying your favorite milkshake, tastefully bringing together a mixed balance of ripe bananas and strawberries. A touch of vanilla ice cream adds a creamy feel to the divine combination.

Your vaping clouds will be creamy and fruity, drawing anyone around you to want a taste. The Strawberry Banana Milkshake flavor by CPV Signature Series E Liquid allows you to enjoy your favorite milkshake mix in your vaping e liquid, giving you the best of both worlds. This product has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70, to enhance your vaping experience.

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate - Fruit Monster E Liquid

#9: Straw Nanners - The Ripe Collection Salt E Liquid

If you're looking for a fruit-based combination that will tickle your senses and give you the gratification of a light snack, this product will likely gratify both. Not getting the perfect blend to complement your mood may throw you off into a frenzy, nevertheless with this blend, you need not worry.

The Straw Nanners flavor by The Ripe Collection Salt E Liquid provides the ultimate solution to a fruity snack without the hustle of preparation and selecting correctly ripened produce. It gives the taste of a perfectly mixed bowl of fruit. It contains salt nicotine.

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit - Pachamama E Liquid

#10: Straw Nanners on Ice - The Ripe On Ice Collection Salt E Liquid

The chill of the ocean and the irresistible flavor of bananas and strawberries are beautifully blended to create this unique salt-based nicotine blend. It makes the fruity tastes come alive with each vape as it tickles your senses and uplifts your mood, no matter the situation.

Eliminate the need for never-ending grocery and fruits shopping as each time you crave your favorite fruit of banana or strawberry, you can get the exact same taste and satisfaction from this product. 

The Straw Nanners on Ice flavor by The Ripe On Ice Collection Salt E Liquid contains salt nicotine. If you prefer sub-ohm vaping, then this product is not designed for you.

Must You Change Your Vape Coils When Switching Flavors?

Because most of the residue is retained in the wick, changing coils is a simple and easy remedy. However, if you want to regularly change tastes, you’ll need to throw away a lot of usable coils. That’s not good for your pocket, and it’s not healthy for the environment either.

Your vape coil head will most probably outlast your attachment to a single flavor. If you just empty and refill the vape tank, residue from the previous e liquid remains and produces a lasting flavor. 

So, what’s the best solution to easily and conveniently switch flavors without wasting coil heads or tasting the residue of the previous flavor?

There are a few good practices you can carry out to fully enjoy your vaping experience without compromising quality or flavor. 

For example, cleaning your coil and tank reduces the presence of lingering flavors brought about by your e juice blends. Combining this with a few other tactics, such as using a neutral or complimentary flavor, could work.

You could also opt to play around with flavors to ease the transition. For example, using a standard vanilla-flavored juice between two different blends, provided they are complemented by vanilla. 

Perhaps you can consider using a flavorless or similar e juice. This reduces the possibility of flavors that don’t complement each other lingering into each other.

However, cleaning your coil is a practice you should do every so often, even if you aren’t changing flavors.

In Conclusion

Among vapers the world over, when it comes to strawberry and banana combination flavors, these listed above make it to the best strawberry banana vape juices list. This is clearly defined by the quantities of these blends sold across the board.

While vaping can be an addictive habit due to the nicotine present in these products, vapers understand the pleasure from vaping and filling your mouth with vape clouds, tasting the compelling array of unique products.

When you purchase your e juices from renowned manufacturers and suppliers, you get to experience a taste identical to consuming the actual fruit, giving you a heavenly taste of goodness.