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Best Vaping Wire for Building Vape Coils

Best Vaping Wire for Building Vape Coils

Anyone who has built their own vape understands the importance of using quality materials. Depending on which materials you use, the ultimate quality of your vape will vary. Wires happen to be among the most overlooked aspects of a worthwhile build.

Without a decent wire, your hits often fall flat, tasting like hardly anything at all.

We've worked with numerous wires for vaping, and they each perform differently. Finding the right one is a matter of trial and error, most of the time.

Top Vaping Wire for Building Vape Coils

Fortunately, we've taken care of the hard work for you. By trying all the
most popular brands, our selection has been narrowed down to only the top products, making decisions easier.

Why the Best Vaping Wire Creates Better Hits

Good wires offer several benefits to the self-built vape enthusiast. The wire is what conducts electricity, which is necessary for the juices to vaporize.

Poorly made wiring doesn't conduct all that well. Thus, limiting the hit's flavor.

By using the best quality materials, not only are your hits tastier, but your coils ought to last longer also. The better wiring used, the longer-lasting your vapes ought to be. Burnt coils typically become a problem when you build them with low-quality material. So, avoiding them is often as easy as picking nicer stuff.

When building your own coils, the type of wiring impacts their resistance. Thicker wires offer greater resistance, given the same length and material. Certain alloys reduce how quickly resistance builds, allowing you to use more wiring. However, even the most conductive materials still build resistance as their lengths increase.

Our Best Coils and Vaping Wires

Finding the best products, especially when you're inexperienced, can feel daunting. That's why we've gathered our best selection here.

That way, even if you happen to lack the experience, getting a solid setup isn't an issue.

Any of the following products should surpass your expectations. Still, depending on how you prefer your hits, the ideal choice might vary. Building your own coils has never been any easier, thanks to our great selection of wiring. Still, if you'd rather work with something pre-built, we've got plenty of options for those as well.

UD Ni200 Nickel Wire - Coils

Atomic Wire - Ohm Run Hitters

Atomic Wire Looks like any other vaping wire on the market. However, once it is inside your vape, the differences couldn't be any easier to notice. Other wiring brands haven't been nearly as durable, especially when heated frequently.

Vapers often run through shoddy materials rather quickly, but these seemed as if they lasted forever. Forming this wire how you need it is as easy as tying your shoes. Such malleable materials aren't always easy to stumble across, but we've got plenty of it here.

Product Specifications

- Extremely Malleable:

Among the most difficult parts of coil-building, shaping wires often feels rather challenging. Thanks to these wires' extreme malleability, struggles like that should become nothing but a memory.

Bending this wire hardly takes any pressure at all, making certain anyone can work with it. If you've had difficulty properly shaping wires in the past, try out some of these. They'll leave you much more satisfied.

- Unparalleled Vapor Production:

Hitting your vape hasn't been so sweet in such a long time. Amidst of a crowded field, This brand has risen to the top, gaining prominence daily. Partly thanks to their supreme flavor, their growing reputation hasn't slowed at all.

- 26 Gauge, 24 Gauge, 22 Gauge, 20 Gauge, and 18 Gauge:

Gauges are a way for us to tell how thick wires will be. Thicker wires offer more resistance, affecting your coil's final resistance level. On the other hand, for the most conductive coils, use a smaller gauge. These hardly resist the flow of electrons at all.

Atlantis 2 Coil (5 Pack) - Aspire

Aspire Mini Triton Clapton Coil 5 Pack

Built for the Triton vape, the Aspire coils are a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they reliable, but they are also available with multiple wiring options. Nickel sounds like it's somewhere in the middle, neither too resistive nor conductive.

You could also choose to work with some Kanthal wiring. Offering nothing but consistent hits, these are a favorite amongst experienced vapors. Anyone who prefers prebuilt coils would love tasting a hit from these. Such flavorful hits demand attention.

Product Specifications

- More Surface Area:

The engineers who designed this understood how important surface area is. Increasing the surface area, this coil's updated design ensures dry hits never bother you, regardless of how often you use them. Other coils haven't matched such consistency, and it doesn't sound like they will anytime soon.

- Kanthal Base Wire and Wrap:

Kanthal wiring is at a particular type of nickel alloy. Designed for enhanced durability, these seem as if they've been built to withstand hurricanes. Finding a more durable option doesn't look like it'd be an easy task.

- Ni200 Wire at 0.15 ohm:

Offering slightly lower resistance, this nickel alloy hasn't been around for as long as Kanthal. Still, despite its novelty, most vapers sound like they are in agreement. It's rather effective.

- Clapton Wire at 1.8 ohms:

Finally, this alloy happens to offer the highest level of resistance. So, for people who prefer high wattage, these offer enough resistance to match such power.

Smok V8-Baby Q2 Dual Core Replacement Coils

Smok V8-Baby Q2 Dual Core Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

Smok's coils are still some of our favorites, on account of how tasty they make each hit. The V8-Baby Q2s are from another planet, so to speak. Most coils, in today's market, are only meant to use a single wire. These, on the other hand, happened to take advantage of two of them. They are dual-coil-style coils. So far, they're in a category of their own.

Product Specifications

- Dual Coil Style:

Two coils function simultaneously each time you take it. Large clouds should become commonplace, thanks to this unique design. Each hit goes through both coils, sharing the task of vaporizing them. The coils' different resistance levels impart an unreal flavor profile.

- 40-80W:

They recommend operating it within the 50 to 60 W range for the best results. However, its overall range appears to be a lot wider.

- 0.4ohm or 0.6ohm Coil:

The dual coil design takes advantage of both these resistance levels at the same time. Compared to other options, we've yet to find something as innovative.

Vaporesso C-Cell Coil 5 Pack

Vaporesso C-Cell Coil 5 Pack

Vaporesso has been so great at meeting customer demands they've built their reputation on it. Other manufacturers stick to the same, tired and boring, concepts. Innovation hasn't been as common as it had been years ago.

Yet, they've managed to break that trend, thanks to these unique coils. Inside each of them, a ceramic wick soaks up juice, ensuring each hit tastes great. Besides such a great flavor profile, these coils clean themselves as well. Thus, extending their lifespans.

Product Specifications

- Porous Ceramic Wick:

A ceramic wick doesn't burn nearly as easily as standard Egyptian cotton. In fact, unless you fire these excessively, you'll hardly notice a difference in how they taste, regardless of how long you've been using them.

- Self Cleaning:

Partly responsible for their impressive lifespans, the self-cleaning technology keeps each hit tasting fresh. Other coils begin losing their luster after only a few heads. These, in comparison, seem as though they stretch on for eons.

- Gold Plated Coil Heads:

Gold has kept its value since human civilization has been on the map. Nowadays, we found a few other uses for the stuff, outside of being a store of value. Gold is actually quite an effective conductor. Heads coated in gold, these coils conduct electricity like it's their business.

- Longer Life Cycle:

Built to last, these coils hardly need replacements. Considering you'll get five of them each box, breaking the bank shouldn't have to cross your mind. You'll only purchase new ones rarely.

Magic Hat Double Coil (3 Pack) - Demon Killer

KA1 100 Foot 22 Gauge Wire Spool - Demon Killer

For those who would prefer building their own vapes, this wire offers more than enough material to build several coils. As such, you'd only need to purchase a single spool for most purposes. 100 feet of wire could build dozens of functioning coils, each performing optimally. Fortunately, by using wire like this, your hits will taste better than ever.

Product Specifications

- 22 Gauge:

This thickness seems to be about perfect for most uses. If anything, it's as close to an industry-standard as you'll get.

- Kanthal design:

This nickel alloy conducts electricity without getting too hot. Therefore, even vaping a lot won't burn your coil. Instead, your heads onto taste just as fresh as they did in the beginning, regardless of how many of them you take.

- 100ft Spool of Wire:

Most coils take about 5 feet of wire to build. Thus, with 100 feet of the stuff, you could build as many as 20 coils. That's why we've listed these as one of our best deals, in terms of their value.

Geek Vape Super Mesh Replacement Coils


Ni90 Comp. Wire - Mad Bomber Wire

Nickel still reigns supreme when it comes to coil-building. Other materials simply don't match nickel's unique characteristics. Fortunately, we've got plenty of options, so finding something perfect isn't a problem. Durable and conductive, coils built of this should meet even the most stringent expectations.

Product Specifications

- Durable:

How long have your coils been lasting? If it feels as if they've been falling apart rather quickly, building them with this should alleviate those woes. This blend of nickel alloy withstands the elements quite nicely. So, by building your coil out of it, your vapes ought to function perfectly for quite a while.

- Ni90:

Not all blends of nickel have the same characteristics. Some of them tolerate abuse better than others. While, at the same time, certain alloys conduct electricity better than the rest. This particular blend happens to feature a balanced mixture of both. That way, when you build coils using this, they'll almost always surpass expectations.

- Designed For Professionals:

How long have you been building coils? If you'd consider yourself an expert, then something like this would be ideal. Meant for professionals, this wiring delivers on all fronts, beating the competition effortlessly.