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Black Note E Liquid Review

Black Note E Liquid is as premium as it gets but as we vapers know, a premium price or name tag doesn't equal exceptional product. Today we take a look at the line up from Black Note E Liquid and give you our insights on what you can expect when you pick up a bottle from this brand.


Black Note E Liquid was crafted to deliver a tobacco experience unlike any experienced by the vaping community. It's team of mixers understood their audience and set about crafting an entire lineup of tobacco only flavors. Black Note truly carries a premium price tag but it seems according to vapers who have loyally vaped the brand since its release in 2016 its well worth the price tag.

Solo by Black Note E Liquid

Solo: Solo features a Virginia tobacco base that is dressed up with an extracted created right out of mint leaves so it cannot be considered an artificial additives. As a former smoker of menthol analogs, I have never actually found an e-liquid that even comes close to replicating the experience and while Black Note E-Liquid tries it comes pretty close to actually hitting it perfectly on the nose. What jumps out at me the most about Solo is how fast it reminded me of an actual cigarette taste without the ash and the clothing stench.


Forte: Forte is a true and undeniable tobacco flavor that features very subtle sweetness. I'm a big tobacco fan especially specialty tobacco's that are rare. Forte is exceptional in the sense that it accomplishes a delicate balance between boldness and smooth. Not the best of the lineup but a ridiculously good experience nonetheless.


legato black note e liquid

Legato: Legato has a very nutty presence almost as if the curating phase included some sort of nut infusion that brings to life a cascading boldness that would pair up perfectly with a morning cup of coffee. The crown jewel of Kentucky tobacco Legato delivers great mid point for fans of the sweeter ended tobacco who also have an affinity for nutty vapes or simply enjoy some nut essence in their tobacco consumption.



Prelude: Prelude features a curing period so extensive that the only things left are the good notes of tobacco and boy what a tobacco flavor it delivers. Super Virginia tobacco,  vapes cleaner than anything else on this lineup. The true definition of tobacco in a vape, whether you chew or smoke and are looking to make the transition but still enjoy the taste of pure tobacco, this one is the right one for you. This flavor is not for those who enjoy a light tobacco flavor, it's boldness may be too overpowering for that.


QuartetQuartet delivers on a Syrian Latakia tobacco flavor profile, and while I have never tasted that strain of tobacco before by comparison to reviews I found about it on tobacconist websites the product matches up to what I have read. It's smokiness and woodsy aftertaste is very nice but definitely tailored to a refined pallet that enjoys specialty tobacco blends such as that provided by Quartet.


 sonata by black note e liquid

Sonata : Sonata by Black Note E Liquid is derived from a 400 year old curing recipe, and for those of you who think this is simply a marketing ploy I suggest getting a hold of some Cavendish tobacco and do a comparison. You'll see why this is the crown jewel of this entire lineup. How they pulled this off better remain guarded because everyone with a brand should try to replicate this. Sonata is a testament to how far we've come with mixology, the tobacco in Sonata is dark, bold, and beautifully put together.