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Breazy Holiday Gift Guides Day 10: 40% Off Budget Juices

Breazy Holiday Gift Guides Day 10: 40% Off Budget Juices
If you are the savvy type of shopper you'll love these deals. On a daily basis these liquids already offer great savings, now at 40% off you can't go wrong. You can easily double or triple your purchases now and load the vaper in your life with liquids to get through most of 2018 without breaking the bank. Spread the holiday cheer with these great deals.

 Fuggin Vapor Co 120ml

Fuggin Vapor Co delivers a wide variety of options in vaping. From Fuggin Donuts to Raspy Lemonade you'll indulge the senses in budget-friendly recipes that don't taste budget at all. Big bottles at ridiculously low prices. No way can you pass up this deal and in sticking a few of these in a stocking you'll make Christmas more cloudy than ever.

Next Big Thing E Liquid 120ml


Cotton Candy, Blueberry Hard Candy, to Grape Hard Candy you'll satisfy the candy goodness that vaping offers. Deliver gifts of sweetness and fruit embedded into candy goodness. You'll probably want to keep these for yourself so order a few extras and treat yourself as well this Christmas. Big bottles, big savings, and excellent flavor.

Sugar Hill E Liquid 120ml

A brand that embodies the diversity of New York City. Sugar Hill E Liquid produces the best custard in any tier of vaping. Their signature product Sugar Hill is the closest thing you'll ever reach in terms of real-world experience with custard. Morning Glory provides the best chocolate donut infused with a Bavarian cream and Limoncello brings a true summer feel. Gifting this brand is the equivalent of discovering the best band in the world before anyone else finds out at them. Vape to a different drum and bring the vaper in your life the greatest vaping experience ever and one they are likely to have never tried before.

SVLT E Liquid 120ml

From Lemon Cake to Watermelon Patch, this brand blends salt based nicotine with amazing flavor profiles. I recommend Blue Blood and 99 Pink Balloons both of which are shockingly good, like double take levels of good. You'll not only love the simplicity of these gorgeous labels but the vaper receiving these will absolutely love you for it. A new take on vaping with a fantastic approach to profile selection.

AR E Liquid 120ml

A company that set its roots in Arkansas, AR E Liquid has delivered some deeply loved budget juices. From Celestial Dawn, CinnaVanillaBun, to Orange Dream these liquids offer a great value without sacrificing the flavor experience to be enjoyed. Big bottle, big taste, and huge clouds. Easily fill a gift box or gift bag with these while keeping your Christmas budget under control.

Vape Cooler E Liquid 60ml

One of the most underrated brands ever in vaping, Vape Cooler is the standard in enjoyable vaping. Wild Berry is one of the most amazing liquids I have ever personally vaped. A true indulgence of mixed fruit that still stays with me to this day. With a line that brings Fruit Punch and Tropical Fruit Punch, you'll definitely astound the vaper in your life. You'll be delighted to see their face light up once they fill a tank full of this liquid and even more when you see their reaction after the first puff. Christmas cheer indeed.

Big F'IN Deal 120ml

Deliciousness at an elevated level of enjoyment. Big F'IN Deal brings Berry Burst, Tiger's Blood, and Citrus Blast this line offers great innovation and value. Colorful labels with liquids that colorful flavor ranges that bring your vaper great liquids that keep those wicks demanding more. Be the Big F'IN Deal this Christmas with a gift bag full of these.


If you can get past the delicious flavor of Lemon Berry Blast, jump into Mango Melon Bash, then find your way to Kiwi Berry Burst. Tropical experiences that cut through winters chill with delicious experiences that are only missing toes digging into sand. Intoxicatingly good, so much so you'll bring new sensations to associate with the Christmas spirit. A taste style so good you'll want to kiss your drip tip.

Slush Madness E Liquid 120ml

Who doesn't love flavors that bring them on a journey down memory lane. 120ml of pure memories to be relived and to be created. Watermelon Mango Slush and Pineapple Pear Slush both offer great value and an amazing true vapor glory. Stuff this into a stocking, a gift bag, or gift box and you'll tackle the challenge of finding the perfect present all while keeping most of your money in your pocket.