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Breazy Holiday Gift Guides Day 4: 100ml E-Liquid Bottles $11.99

Breazy Holiday Gift Guides Day 4: 100ml E-Liquid Bottles $11.99

If you have been reading our guides you are very likely to have found the ideal hardware to select. Now that we've covered that lets get to the products that really brings those atomizers to life. Fog up this Christmas with some amazing liquids that will definitely guarantee you win the secret Santa pool at work or at home. These liquids are part of our guide not just because they deliver great value but also because they are spectacular in what they offer as a vape experience.

Keep It 100 E Liquid 100ml


Keep It 100 E Liquid fits the bill if the vaper in your life enjoys fruity blends mixed in candy bases. With offerings such as Blue Slushie, Krunchy Squares, and Pink Bursts selecting just one is impossible. Each offers a varying range of deliciousness to be enjoyed and quite possibly might lead your vaper to expand their collection of atomizers to enjoy them all at a whim. Surprise your favorite vaper with this and sit back as you watch their eyes light up with joy from the first puff.

Jam Monster E Liquid 100ml


Fret not the only monster showing up this Christmas is the monster flavor to be experienced from this brand. Jam Monster E Liquid perfected the jam flavored vape and introduced us to a true all day vape. Gift the pleasure of true indulgence and introduce your vaper to this amazing line of excellence. Flavors and scents that light up a room with the aroma that makes Christmas special. Stuff a stocking full of this and you'll find it difficult to top it next year. 

Pebz E Liquid 100ml


Few juices have shaken up the vaping world as Pebz E Liquid has. Just when you thought cereal vapes were mastered this product emerged and made us rethink the possibilities ahead of us. A true cereal experience that is only missing a bowl and a spoon. Enhanced fruity notes with a creamy base that brings the grain found in cereal to full life. Include this iin any gift basket and change the way Christmas vaping is looked upon. Christmas this year will last all the way through this bottle and you'll be the hero that made Christmas special. 

Air Factory E Liquid 100ml


Air Factory is the ideal present which will not only bring joy to your fellow vaper but offers a candy loaded experience unlike anything they have ever experienced. With a wide range of options and a quality that is superb this product is truly in a league all it's own. Slide a bottle or two into any gift bag and you'll deliver a nostalgic experience that will make your recipient revisit childhood candy store memories and light up in the process.

Milkshake E Liquids 100ml


Few brands cater to one category and get it as right as Milkshake E Liquids. With a focus on replicating the perfect milkshake experience, the line has expanded to offer you a personalized experienced. From Breezy Shake to Panda Shake finding just one to select is a challenge all it's own. We love this vape juice because the attention to creaminess playing a complementary role to its other flavor ingredients is a phenomenal thing to enjoy. 

Skwezed E Liquid 100ml 

A brand that started out with the sole purpose of serving up the juiciest fresh squeezed juiced vape but somehow along the way managed to perfect the unique experiences of pistachios. Truly a brand that has mastered experimentation leading to its release of amazing products in succession. If your vaper has a thing for fruit or nuts you'll want to surprise them with this. The reviews and the repeat buyers of this line up speaks volumes to what kind of reception finding this in a gift box will present to you. 

Mr. Freeze E Liquid 100ml 

Mr. Freeze is a mentholated based line of liquids that combines summer with the chill of old man winter. The perfect Christmas day vape that presents a gnarly inhale and a very satisfying exhale. Products like Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Frost are ideal gifts to any vape collection and truly spectacular vape experiences for the fan of menthol and fruitiness. 

Fruit King E Liquid 100ml

Make way for his majesty, Fruit King is the king of complexity while offering simple options to choose from. The complexity starts when you remove the cap from this liquid and try to decipher the fruit flavors in each bottle. It continues into the first vape and does not end with your final puff. An ever-evolving battle for dominance between the flavors used in this juice makes it a truly fun experience while challenging the palette of any vaper to decipher the code. This is a gift that will last a long time and be in discussion long after that the winter snows have melted.