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Budget Vaping – Let's Pinch Some Pennies


It's been a while since we've touched on this topic, so for newcomers to the Breazy blogs, consider these steps to save your valuable cash. After all, wasn't vaping supposed to save you money compared to smoking?

The first thing to consider is your coils. If you're at all mechanically inclined or even a bit of a tinkerer, going with a rebuildable atomizer could save you a boatload of money. There's the upfront investment of a dedicated ohm checker, coiling tools, and wire and wick to consider here, but once you're set up you can build a fresh set of coils for literally pennies. Plus, you can take those coils apart and re-wick them a half-dozen times or more, with a grand total cost of refreshing your vape at around one cent!


Maybe building your own setup isn't your speed. That's fine, but there's still a lot more longevity to be squeezed out of factory coils if they're treated properly. As the average cost of a throwaway coil for a more traditional sub-ohm clearomizer has risen to $3 or more, getting all the life possible out of your coils becomes paramount.


Make sure you properly prime your coils. Every time. We have entire blog posts dedicated to this (which we'd recommend you revisit if you stay on the manufactured coil track), but be 100% sure your coil is ready to vape and your wicks are thoroughly saturated before starting to vape – nothing hurts more than burning the wick and trashing a brand-new coil because it wasn't broken in properly. We also recommend starting coils out near the bottom end of their recommended wattage range, slowly increasing to your sweet spot over the course of a tank or two. Try to stick with one flavor profile (fruity, dessert, tobacco, etc.) through the life of your coil – you can store your fruit coil if you decide to wash out your tank and vape coffee, but switching flavors on the same coil will gunk it up and render the taste horrendous in short order. Using proper techniques, you can get several weeks or a few hundred milliliters of e-liquid through a single coil. Not too shabby.


Naked 100 Brain Freeze

Next up, consider bulk juice purchases. More and more manufacturers are offering 60ml, 120 ml, and even larger sizes, making the liquid cost per milliliter much lower than traditional 15 and 30 ml bottles. Of course, it's a good idea to try a smaller sample out to decide whether a certain flavor profile appeals to you, but if you've got a pretty good idea of what you'll think is a winner, by all means save the cash and buy in bulk! You can find many larger bottle brands at prices ranging from $19.99 to 29.99 for 120ml of e liquid.


Finally, remember to take advantage of our deals section, regular sales, and loyalty rewards. We offer big discounts on new juice additions, and we also have a rotating batch of flavors offered up on sale periodically. Combine those discounts with free shipping for orders over $50 and our Breazy Bucks rewards program, and you'll be well on your way to corralling your vape budget (if you can control your craving for the latest and greatest hardware, that is).