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Chef Creates ‘Vape Cuisine’ to Complement E-Liquids

Do You Want Fries With That? Chef Creates ‘Vape Cuisine’ to Complement E-Liquids


Do You Want Fries With That? Chef Creates ‘Vape Cuisine’ to Complement E-Liquids

We’ve all had meals paired off with drinks like wine and beer. If you're like me, you've probably even taken numerous internet quizzes on the topic.

But what about vapes? Where is the Buzzfeed quiz on what to pair with VUSE Crema? The sad truth is that along with common misconceptions with vaping, there isn’t a high demand for pairing e-liquids with our favorite foods.

Luckily for us, chef Eddie Huang decided to expand the culinary arts to include vaping as a companion to specialized dishes with a new tour and an open mind.


Eddie Huang Vape Cuisine Chef

On one of his many trips to China, Huang observed a distinctive difference in the taste of the local food. But unlike many that applaud international food’s taste being more rich and authentic in their countries, he noticed the infusion of cigarettes in the flavor.

“In China, man, everybody smokes cigarettes. Everywhere,” Huang explains in an article from Mandatory. “Everybody is going crazy with cigarettes! And it seeps into the flavor of whatever you’re eating, wherever you’re eating.”

However, the smoky addition happens to be a key ingredient that Huang was looking for. Coming back to the States, he decided much to our delight to try and create meals that go best with vape flavors. As a renowned chef, we've got to believe whatever Huang’s going to cook to complement vaping taste buds will be delectable.

And we’re not the only people paying attention: E-Cig brand Blu Ecig is partnering with him to craft his observations and research into an interactive experience.

Huang will be serving as Master Chef for a series of “blu Tasting Room” events across the United States. The Tasting Room Tour will have scheduled stops in Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Austin, with more yet to be announced.

The concept of vape flavor pairings is meant inspire other chefs to create dishes that complement blu’s assortment of liquids.

The tour kicked off May 11 with a private dinner to show off vapor and food pairings in Malibu, hosted by Huang, for dozens of influencers. Unfortunately we weren’t there to try it ourselves, but reviews have been positive with regard to matches the chef has concocted.

Huang was impressed by the differences in each flavor and blu’s enthusiasm for the project.

The tasting tour is more than a chance to show off the versatility of vape flavors, although it’s a great plus for the industry. Huang sees this as an opportunity to enact his cooking philosophy.

What philosophy is that?

“Have fun and put personality in your food! Also, I don’t like to single out flavors; sometimes with precision, you over-isolate flavors. I like when ingredients come together and create a new flavor.”- Eddie Huang, Food Republic.

Needless to say Huang isn’t the spearhead of you being able to vape and eat at the next upscale restaurant. To Eddie, it’s another fun experience in his culinary pursuits and to figure out why people enjoy it so much.

When he does, we hope we can get an invitation because it combines two of our favorite hobbies beautifully.