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Different Types of Vape Coils

Different Types of  Vape Coils

Atomizers, attys, coils, atomizer heads are all names used to refer to the same thing; vape coils. Vape coils are an essential part of the vaping experience, and they are what create the vapor from your e-cig that you inhale.

Different Types of Vape Coils

There ar
e different types of vape coils for different e-cigs, and today, we will learn everything that you need to know about the different types of coils for vape. We will look at what exactly vape coils are, how they work, what are the different types of vape coils, and what they are made of. Let’s get started.

Smok TFV12 Prince Mesh Replacement Coils (3 Pack)


What Are Vape Coils?

Vape coils are one of the most critical components in atomizers. They are a crucial part of the vaping experience; one can even say they are the heart of the experience. Vape coils are technically atomizer coils, and they are housed within a vape tank.

Vape coils contain wicking material and a thin coil of wire. Their outer casing is usually made from metal, and that is what includes the coil inside. The wicking material in the coil is usually cotton, and it can be wrapped around the coil or pushed through it.

An e-cig battery powers a vape coil. Pushing the button on a vape battery sends power to the coil, causing it to heat up. As you draw on the vape, the coil pulls the e-liquid into the wicking material. The liquid travels through the coil, which is hot and turns into the vapor you inhale.

Coil Resistance

Coil resistance refers to the amount of electrical resistance your coil has depending on the ohm of your atomizer head. Atomizer heads are what convert the electrical energy from the batteries into heat which vaporizes the e-cigs. The electrical resistance value that atomizer heads have is measured in ohms. Among the different types of vape coils, there are two main types:

1) High Resistance Coil

High resistance coils are those with an electrical resistance that is above 1.0 ohm. These vape coils are best used for average vapor production and are used at lower power. Their characteristics are:

- Use less e-liquid

- Form smaller clouds of vapor 

- And are suited to most e-cigs

2) Low Resistance Coils

These are those whose electric resistance is less than 1.0 ohm, also referred to as sub-ohm. They require higher power and their characteristics are:

- Use more e-liquid compared to high resistance coils

- Form larger vapor clouds

- Are not suitable for all e-cigs

A good example of low resistance coils is the:

Smok TFV8 Baby T Replacement Coils (5 Pack)


Smok TFV8 Baby T Coils

These are perfect replacement coils you can use to show your tank some love, letting it work as it should.

These tanks have excellent performance, and they come in different options that let you enjoy your favorite vape juices with just the right intensity for you. The T8 Octuple Core coils have a 0.15ohm resistance and use 50W to 110W. The coils give a magical experience with a single draw and can send you on an incredible vape trip.


- Come in different options

- Provide incredible performance

- Give the right vape intensity for your preference

- Don’t burn as quickly


- Don’t work with all e-cigs

Types of Vaping Coil Wires

There are many different types of coil wires, and they can be made from various materials. Each material vapes differently, and how you use them or the type of e-cig you can use the wires varies from the various types of coil wires.

Some of the most common wire coils include Nichrome, Kanthal, Stainless Steel, Nickel, and Titanium.

What is a Wire Gauge

A wire gauge found in vape coils refers to the thickness of the metal used to create a coil. A wire gauge is displayed as a numerical value and means the diameter of the wire.

A wire with a high numerical value is thinner; for example, a 24 gauge wire is thinner than a 22 gauge; at the same time, a 24 gauge wire is thicker than a 26 gauge wire. The diameter of the wire determines the electrical resistance.

Electrical resistance decreases with an increase in the diameter of a wire. A 30 gauge coil has a much higher resistance than a 20 gauge one. Low resistance coils heat up faster, giving you more heat, giving you more vapor production because the e-liquid gets vaporized faster.

High resistance coils are better for you if you are looking to spend less e-liquid and are not interested in the amount of vapor produced. This is because high resistance coils resist the power, causing them to heat up slower, meaning they vaporize less e-liquid and produce less vapor.

SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Light Sub Ohm Tank


Vape Coils and Vape Tanks

Vape tanks come in two main types, and they cater to different coil types. The two types of tanks are high resistance and sub-ohm.

Sub-ohm tanks use sub-ohm coils, have more airflow, and wider mouthpieces. They are good for you if you like seeing the huge clouds or do not like to inhale a lot of the vapor. Sub-ohm coils have various coil builds, mesh, and twisted coils and are perfect for DL vapers.

Higher resistance tanks use high resistance coils. They have a more restricted airflow and a smaller diameter mouthpiece. Unlike the sub-ohm coils, they only have a singular vertical coil and are generally much smaller than the sub-ohm tanks. They are perfect for MTL vapers and are ideal for you if you prefer flavor over the size of cloud formed or if you are still a beginner.

Types of Vaping Coils

Now we come to an important question: what are the different types of vape coils? Well, there are multiple different types of coils for vape. Each type has a different vaping experience, and your choice of the coil will depend on what vaping experience you are looking for.

1) Vertical Coil

This is the most common type of coil. It is a singular wire wrap in a coil shape, and it runs from the top of the metal casing down to the bottom. The coil has the wicking material wrapped around it, which means the air moves through its center.

Wick N Vape Cotton Bacon Prime


Subtank Vertical Organic Cotton Coil

The coils use high-quality cotton that makes them the best when vaping. The cotton has many fibers that allow the e-liquid to be easily absorbed, giving out a strong flavor. It can also hold a lot of the flavor, so you do not lose anything when taking a pull.

The coils are also highly durable and can take you through several sessions. They pack a lot of power, with resistance at 0.5 ohms. They work best with a wattage range of 15 to 60. The cotton construction also ensures you can hold a lot of vape juice, perfect for long sessions.


- Holds a lot of vape juice

- Made from high-quality cotton

- It packs a strong flavor


- Can lose flavor after a few pulls

2) Dual Coil

Its make is similar to that of a vertical coil, but this has two wraps of coil wire arranged side by side. The two-wire coils mean that your tank uses twice the power, doubling the elements. This causes the e-liquid to heat up quickly and produce more vapor.

3) Triple Coil

This coil is similar to the other two, except with three coil wire wraps. It has even more surface area than the previous two, and it is also a sub-ohm coil. This coil burns the e-liquid even faster and produces large amounts of vapor.

Uwell Crown 5 Replacement Coils

Uwell Crown 5 Coils

These coils from Uwell come with multiple accessories that you can use to get your vape session to go smoothly. The coils are made from high-quality materials, giving an impressive performance. They feature single, dual, and triple mesh coils for your consideration.

Each different type of vape coil has a different power rating, and you get to choose the one that fits your needs. Their installation is pretty easy, and it uses premium technology that lets the flavors pop. The coils are also durable and long-lasting and don't lose their performance easily.

- Pros

- Easy to install

- It comes in single, dual, and triple options

- Makes e-juice flavors pop.

- Cons

- They don’t work with higher resistance tanks.

4) Multiple Coils

This category covers different types of coils vape: some vapes have more than eight wire coils. The more the coils, the more the surface area and the larger the amount of vapor produced. They also become very sub-ohm and are suitable for DL vaping. They heat up even faster depending on the number of coils.

5) Twisted Coils

The above coils all refer to singular wire strands wrapped into a coil. Twisted coils are different from those; they have multiple strands of wire braided around each other or wrapped around each other, then made into a coil. They create even more surface area, and you can be sure of great flavor if you use a twisted coil.

Coilart Prebuilt Coils - Coilart


Coilart Prebuilt Coils

Are you looking for a simple and time-saving way to enjoy your vaping session? Well, the Coilart prebuilt twisted coils are the perfect ones for you. Spend less time building your set and more time vaping with these coils.

The coils deliver on both flavor and clouds so you can get the best of both worlds. There is a wide selection for you to choose from for RTA, RDA, and RDTA needs. You can use the coils with your sub-ohm tank and have yourself a wonderful experience.


- Great flavor

- Great cloud formation

- Highly durable.


- Only works with sub-ohm tanks

6) Mesh Coils

These coils are not strands of wire wrapped in a coil. They look like a mesh piece with small holes, although they are also made of wire. They can either be sub-ohm or high resistance, have a massive surface area, and give the maximum flavor.

Smok TFV12 Prince Mesh Replacement Coils


Smok TFV12 Prince Mesh Coils

Take a moment and unwind with these incredible mesh coils. They give the best kind of vaping experience possible, helping you relax after a long, stressful day.

These coils feature 0.15 ohms of resistance with a range between 70 and 80 watts. The mesh construction helps you get that strong flavor you like, and it also gives you incredible cloud production that looks and feels good. These coils do not compromise on anything and are an absolute steal.


- Incredible flavors

- Can form large clouds

- The coils can last for a long time


- Only work with a specific TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Tank

7) Net Coils

These are a variation of mesh coils. Net coils have bigger holes, resembling more of a fishing net. They also have great flavor, a massive surface area, and produce a lot of vapor.

How Long do Vape Coils Last

Vape coils typically last for two weeks. Other factors like the type of coil, the power you use, and the type of e-liquid you vape can also affect the amount of time a coil lasts. The different types of coils for vape used can also determine their durability. Other factors include:

Switch Disposable Vape Device - Drip More E Liquid

1) E-cig Power

Using your e-cig at a high power puts the coil under a lot of strain. This strain causes the coil to fail quicker. Using high resistance coils will burn less power, making your vape coil last for longer.

2) Type of E-liquid 

Vape juices are another thing that can determine how long your vape coil lasts. E-liquids leave a film on the coils once they vaporize. If a juice with high sugar content or sweeteners stays on the coil, it can leave a thick black film that can give the coil a burnt taste. Once the coil has this taste, you can only get a couple of days as the vape juices or ‘coil killers’ weaken the coil.

3) Priming

You have to make sure you prime properly since bad priming can reduce your coil's lifespan. You need to make sure your coil and wicking material is saturated with the vape juice before vaping. Put a drop of the e-liquid on the coil inlets and one down the middle, insert the coil, then let it stay for around five minutes before you start vaping.


There are many different types of vape coils at your disposal. Whatever coil you end up using will depend on your preference, so do not be afraid to shop around until you find one you like. Visit our website and find all the numerous types of vape coils available at affordable prices. We have everything you could need for a wonderful vaping experience, so check us out today; we promise you will not be disappointed. Happy vaping!