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Dos And Don'ts Of Vape Sharing (Is It Safe To Share Vapes)

Dos And Don'ts Of Vape Sharing (Is It Safe To Share Vapes)

Hey, Can I Borrow Your Vape?  Dos and Don'ts of Vape Sharing

We at the Breazy office love to try new products. And we are not shy when it comes to sharing not just our opinions about new vape devices or e-liquid flavors—but actually sharing our devices and our flavors with one another.

But as for sharing your vape kits with people outside your vape fam, we knew opinion is divided as to whether it’s ok to share vape products at all.

So we wanted to look into whether it’s bad form to ask someone for a hit off their vape. Is vape sharing taboo or just another aspect of being part of a wider vape family?

We took an informal poll and our office was pretty evenly divided into two teams: Team Yes and Team No.

Team Yes

Team Yes pointed out that a key reason they say yes is because sharing allows you to try out vape products and ejuice flavors without having to make the full commitment of purchasing. Kind of like those wonderful people in the super markets who hand out free food samples.

Here are some opinions we collected from our Customer Service department, our Marketing team and our Development folks.

“Sampling a vape to see if you like it is an optimal scenario,” said one of our coders. “Spending $15 or $30 on a device you come to find out you don’t like...suboptimal.” And we can’t really argue with that logic.

“The vape community is like family. It’s an act of generosity and a bonding experience to share vapes. That should override any heebie-jeebies you might have about it.”

Then there are the people who share despite their hygienic hang-ups. They argued if one has a wipe handy, it's safer to share than a cigarette. “You can just wipe and share, technically,” one person said.  

The problem is, we don’t know too many people who carry around those little alcohol rubbing wipes like you’d find in a first aid kit. However, we have to say, it’s actually a really good idea.

One germaphobe told us this is her tried-and-true (and pretty slick) technique: “If you feel weird wiping it down in front of someone after they use it, wipe it BEFORE you give it to them, as a courtesy, then they won’t be offended if you wipe it again after they pass it back to you. You’re protecting them and you’re protecting yourself.”

There was no further comment from Team Yes, so Team No weighed in to give their reasoning.

Team No

“It’s still a lot of mouths going on one thing,” said one staff member on Team No. “The germaphobe in me can’t handle that.”

“It’s personal and I don’t know you like that!” explained another.

“If you overheat my coils by accident, spill my liquid, or do anything to break my customized kit, I may not talk to you for a while. And so, I’d rather not put our friendship on the line.”

And honestly, that’a a good point. Vapes can be costly to replace but friendships are priceless.

“Smokers sharing butts is part of cigarette culture, but with cigarettes you can just give someone a stinkie, as opposed to letting them puff off yours. With vaping you don’t have that choice.”

“I don’t think someone should even put me in the awkward position of being asked. You can drop a hint that you’ve never tried what I’m vaping o,n but after that leave it to me to offer—or not.”

Point well-taken. But what if you smelled a new, intriguing flavor and wanted to try it?

“Maybe I'd want to try it, but I'm not into sharing all the time. I could run out of liquid too soon if I did that all the time.”

After the two sides spoke their piece, we decided no matter camp you’re in, there are some rules of etiquette it makes sense to follow:


  • Ask before taking someone's vape product
  • If you don't know how to use it, ask for advice so you don’t mess it up
  • If you can, wipe it down when you’re done and thank the lender
  • Only ask to borrow a vape if you genuinely interested in testing out the device or the flavor for future use.


  • Share the borrowed vape pen without asking first
  • Ask to share if you’re coming down with something
  • Feel offended or rejected if someone says no to sharing
  • Ask for a hit off a vape you have no intention of ever buying since that would make you bogart and no one likes a bogart.

A Rule on Sharing

It never hurts to ask! And if it’s a no, then it’s a no. Remember that whether you are sharing or soloing, the vaping community is a welcoming one. Remember also that sharing vapes with minors and those not of legal age to vape is also illegal and should not happen. If you do share your vape equipment please try keep them cleaned prior and after sharing.