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E Liquid Spilled On Your Clothes? Save Your Clothing With These Tips


E Liquid Spilled On  Your Clothes? Save Your Clothing With These Tips


At one time or another we've all gotten a drop or worse of e-liquid on our clothing. Typically with liquids that carry the consistency of vape juice getting these stains out proves to be most difficult and even simpler we tend to just chuck the article of clothing or reserve it as "chore clothing." At least once a week I experience the dreaded "vape stain" mostly from resting my mod on my chest while I recline to watch some TV. This happens with leakier sub ohm tanks and sometimes with overfilled RDAs where the juice well liquid is pouring out of airflow. So how do I deal with it? Let's take a look at how I rid my clothing of the vape stain.


First, your immediate reaction should be to soak your clothing with some detergent. In most cases this is simple enough to do, you attack the problem when it happens and most of the time that gets rid of the stain before it sets in but what about when the e liquid has partly or fully dried into the fabric? Your regular detergent might not be up to the task of getting that out of the threads, so what do I recommend?

Oxyclean. Oxyclean has gotten nearly week old vape convention stains out of my clothing and returned the fabric to an even level of coloring. Some detergents may either lighten the dye around the stain or make the stain even darker. Taking a tiny scoop of oxyclean pour some of the crystal over the stain and add a few drops of water, rub the stain with your finger and get the oxy as much into the fabric as possible. Set your washer to wash in gentle cycle with a warm water setting. In some rare cases this might require more than one wash but it does in the end work. Tide would be my second option, with Tide I find that a pre-soak is required to get it all the way out but it usually works on smaller sized stains without affecting the rest of the fabric.


With that said there are points of no return, if your stain has been exposed to heat for several days such as direct sunlight and temperatures north of 80 degrees fahrenheit without pre-treatment it may be virtually impossible to undo the damage and voila you've gained a new shirt to wear during Sunday chores. If you will not be able to wash for several days and are in a hotter climate help out your clothing by giving them a quick soak to prevent the juice from becoming one with your garment for good.