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Graduating Your Vaping From Starter Kits To Advanced Vaping Equipment

There comes a time in most vapers' lives when they realize they're ready to commit. Perhaps you've successfully quit smoking and realized that vaping is your future, or maybe you're struggling to get enough performance out of your existing gear to get over the hump even though you can see that an end to smoking is in sight.

Whether it's fulfilling a need or rewarding yourself for a job well done, rest assured there's a lot in store when you finally make the decision to step up your vape game.

First, we need to get something out of the way – not all "starter kits" are created equal. When referencing a transition, we're talking about moving up from older eGo or "pen-style" devices to full fledged "mods" and advanced atomizers or tank systems. Smok's popular Alien kit, for example, may come with mod, tank, and everything else you need to get started vaping, but it's also a top-notch device that's among the more advanced designs on the market.

So, if you're getting a new mod, what exactly can you expect?

More power, for one! Modern devices have adjustable power that allow you to generate a much bigger, thicker, warmer cloud than you'd have thought possible with an earlier device. Not only that, nearly all mods today are also capable of temperature control, which lets you decide how hot is too hot – once your coil reaches your ideal vape production it stays put, even if you keep holding down the fire button for an extra-long pull. This also helps avoid "dry hits" from dragging too long or accidentally trying to vape on an empty tank.


We've touched a bit on this already, but the customizable nature is also a big draw for advanced mods. Not only can you adjust power settings and take advantage of temp control, you have a much wider selection of coil builds and materials available than basic stick batteries. box mods can accept a lower-resistance coil (see our earlier posts on Ohm's Law for more on that), facilitating larger and more complex builds, whether you're making your own coils or buying them ready to install. There's also a wide range of styles of mod available, so you can find something small and sleek, big and bold, and simply or exquisitely designed in a range of colors to fit your style.

samsung 18650 batteries

With more power used, you're going to need to have more power stored. Most modern box mods run off replaceable 18650-style batteries (so named because they're 18 mm wide and 650 mm long, a little bigger than a standard AA cell and with a flat top rather than a button). These can hold roughly twice as much power as an older stick battery, and mods are available that use one, two, three, or even four cells at once. They're also convenient in that you can quickly swap in a spare set of batteries rather than waiting on a charge.

Given all of these advantage, it's little surprise experienced vapers almost always adopt an advanced mod as their primary device, if they don't jump right in with one in the first place. While there is a bit of a learning curve with new devices, we're finding that instruction manuals are increasingly well-written and the simple nature of getting started (turn it on, adjust power with the up/down buttons and you're off to the races!) means that even if you never take advantage of features like customized firmware and adjustable TCR settings, there's a lot to gain. Take a look through our mod pages, we're sure to have something that's going to look (and make you feel) great!