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JUUL Starter Kit Review

JUUL Starter Kit Review

When Pax, long known as a manufacturer of vaporizers for what we'll euphemistically call "dry herbs," first announced that they were joining the electronic cigarette market, most of us didn't know what to expect. Soon, though, we got our first look at the JUUL the device somewhat resembles a skinny USB flash drive and fits one's pocket nicely as an out-and-about mod.

The original JUUL, while plagued with issues such as leaking and poor battery life, made its intended splash and even with its shortcomings became the go-to for many looking to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. After considerable testing and customer feedback, the JUUL was redesigned with new "flavor pods" that solved the leaking issue and a battery that was created to stand up to the rigors of carrying a JUUL around all day.

The new JUUL Starter Kit includes four flavor pods to get you going, and comes pre-charged and ready to vape for an estimated 200 puffs. The lifespan of a flavor pod depends on the length and intensity of the user's inhale, but generally they are expected by Pax to last well beyond 200 puffs.

The four flavor options currently available for JUUL Pods include Creme Brulee, Virginia Tobacco, Fruit Medley and Cool Mint. Each pod carries approximately 5% nicotine – that's a whopping 50 mg/ml for those keeping track at home. For a smoker or recent quitter this extra kick, combined with the much smaller draws one takes off a cigarette as compared to a cloud chaser sucking a lung hit off an RDA, make the experience more relatable. Those of us who've quit after smoking for a long time can tell you that being able to offer as direct a comparison to actually smoking as possible is a big deal when making the switch.

The JUUL by Pax, while not the cheapest of options for a smoker looking to quit, is probably the most convenient and easy to use device out of all of your options on the market today. Personally I was undecided on how well the product would work, so I picked one up myself prior to this review and used it considerably for a two-and-a-half-week period.

I'll concede that the JUUL isn't for everyone, but considering the ease of use it should be a device any smoker looking to transition should consider. I found myself getting used to the difference in the throat hit from this device within a day or two, and actually didn't touch my more-advanced vape gear for over a week after getting my starter kit. The thing about the JUUL that makes it a winner is the fact that, regardless of your attire, it travels inconspicuously and doesn't present the world with insane and sometimes offensive clouds most of us vapers have come to be known for.