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Kayfun V5 Atomizer: The Evolution of the Kayfun

If you've been vaping for a while, you're undoubtedly familiar with the Kayfun. This device is one of the pioneering designs for bottom-coiled rebuildable tank atomizers, and has been popular for years.

SvoёMesto rolled out the first Russian-designed, German-produced Kayfun back in 2013. At the time, vapers were just beginning to move from eGo-style "vape pens" to mechanical mods and RDAs, which were capable of providing more flavor and vapor than entry-level setups of the day could deliver.

The Kayfun solved a basic problem – custom coils, built by vape enthusiasts, gave a much more desirable experience than the tiny, high-resistance factory coils of the time. "Sub-ohm" was hardly a thing, with average coil resistances running between 1.8 and 2.4 ohm on miniscule 30-gauge single coil Kanthal. But the only places to put a custom coil was in a rebuildable dripping atomizer, or RDA, or in a top-feeding "genesis" atomizer that required long wicks dipped into a tank that was constantly tilted and rotated to keep those wicks wet.

The Kayfun brought one of the first build decks that was submerged in a tank of liquid and used vacuum pressure to keep the coil from flooding (most of the time, anyway). Wildly popular, variants of the original and a high-quality competitor, the Russian 91%, regularly sold for $100 or more, though cheaper Chinese-made clones soon also flooded the market.

Over time, vapers began demanding better airflow to feed their power-hungry builds. This left the Kayfun design to appeal primarily to "flavor chasers," who swore that the airflow design (coming from directly beneath the coil) provided a superior taste to any other.

With various updates, including better airflow and juice flow control, the Kayfun continued to thrive over the years, earning top ratings from users accustomed to the somewhat complex build deck and lower cloud production versions 2, 3, and 4 produced.

In May, SvoёMesto began shipping the long awaited Kayfun v5 – the latest device uses fewer moving parts than its previous incarnations as a nod to builders who've become used to simpler builds, but retains the bottom center airflow (with a hole now as large as 3.2 mm!) to deliver the legendary flavor. Top-fill capability was also added to keep up with modern tank design.

At $119.99, the Kayfun v5 continues to be priced near the top of the market for vape accessories. But because of the legion who value the precision engineering, fine German craftsmanship, and legendary performance that only SvoёMesto can offer the units will continue to fly off of shelves and backlog production, as every model to date has done.