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Limitless Pulse Pod Mod System Review

Limitless Pulse Pod Mod System Review



The concept of a pod system is pretty basic - insert a cartridge into your vape and you're good to go. There are no coils to prime, wicks to replace, tanks to fill, or other hassles of standard units. Since I started vaping, pod-like systems have drifted in and out of popularity. The big discussion has surrounded the value users place upon the convenience of the devices.


Some users, though, have found the convenience of a pod to be countered by the design of the device - the appearance just wasn't up to snuff for many. The variety of flavors can also limit vapers, aren't able to experiment with flavor mixing in a "closed system" setup, instead you're stuck with maybe six or seven flavors released by the pod company.


But wait - these shortcomings are all being addressed by one innovative group - The Limitless Mod Company. Their new Pulse Mod is changing the pod mod game for vape users everywhere.


The Basics


The Pulse Pod Vape Pen is a new, empty one milliliter pod system that pod vapers won't want to miss. Recharging is simple with an eight-watt, 380 mAh internal battery.


This vape pen isn't your average pod system, and was codesigned by Asher Dynamics and is being manufactured by PLY Rock. When you make your purchase, you'll receive one full unit complete with a refillable pod already installed, an extra pod, and a usb charger.  


Using the Pulse Pod is easy, to swap pods simply remove the pod by gripping the top part of the unit, and then remove the pod. To fill the pod - the primary draw that sets this vape apart - remove the top black mouthpiece. Removal will show a plug, which can be removed partially or entirely to fill the pod. Once you're done, reassemble, and install the pod. There's no need to turn the device on, simply inhale from the mouthpiece.


Sleek and Stylish


While some pod mods sacrifice stylish design for the convenience of interchangeability, the Pulse Mod pushes design to the forefront. A center button allows users to quickly change the color of the LED light system. The sleekness of the device makes it easy to carry for the vape user on the go. You'll also be lighter in the purse or pocket with this simple device instead of a mod, extra batteries, and bottles of juice. Compact and quiet, this pod system is ideal for vape users to carry with them at work for breaks, and can be easily packed away when it's time to get back to work.


An Overall Deal


Limitless Mod Company is calling the Pulse Innovative Pod System a "low cost, all in one system, with uniquely designed, refillable pods. With slim and sleek features, it is sure to be the best, easy and convenient device for all day vaping on the go, anywhere you go." Combining the ability to buy e-juice in bulk while taking advantage of the ease of use of pod mods. Combining the ability to fill your own pods, a better draw, and increased airflow, you're looking at an outstanding device you won't want to miss!



This is definitely no JUUL, the Pulse has considerably greater cloud output and by not being limited to premixed pods you get to test it with your own liquids of choice. Personally for my test I used an 84% vg blend which while limiting the draw a bit still managed to vape tasty and cloudy. You may find better results with something as low as 70% vg but we chose to test it with higher vg concentration because it was the best way to test the durability and lifespan of these coils. One my first pod I used the 84% blend all day long with a need to refill it approximately 3 to 4 times, multiply that by a seven day stretch and they were refilled somewhere in the vicinity of 24 times. By my estimation the coil held up well under heavy use and could quite possibly last another week with lighter vaping. For that price and the ease of use this is a bargain and one that provides greater experience than other refill capable pod mod systems.