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Mad Hatter E-Liquid Reviews

Mad Hatter E-Liquid Reviews

Often, manufacturers establish reputations, Built by hard work. However, as their enterprises develop, such reputations fail to deliver on people's expectations. Luckily, in this case, similar travesties haven't occurred. Instead, we've been just as impressed with many of their newer flavors as we were with the originals.

Mad Hatter E-Liquid Reviews

Mad Hatter E-Liquid Reviews: Top Flavors of 2021

So, of all the new flavors, which are our favorites? Well, with so many options available, choices aren't easy to make. Still, through diligent effort, we've put together our top rankings for this year. That way, by using our experience as a guide, you'll go straight to the top. Instead of wasting time on flavorless juices, you'll vape nothing but premium quality.

I Love Donuts Strawberry by Mad Hatter E Juice

I Love Donuts Strawberry

On some occasions, quick trips to the grocery store don't line themselves up. Unfortunately, in most of those instances, you'll have to go without. However, thanks to this flavor, you'll have another option next time. Instead of avoiding the sweets, just take a hit of your vape.

Sweet Dessert Flavor:

Coated in icing, doughnuts glisten on display amongst lines of freshly baked treats. How could anyone resist such a tempting decoration? Of course, since you've got a bit of this in your vape, those worries no longer plague you. Instead, you've got the same flavor in a portable form.

Perfect for Those Confectionary Freaks:

Some people, lusting for sugar, will do just about anything to get a hold of a few donuts. Fortunately, with this in hand, such actions don't tempt most. Since hitting the vape is so simple, they let those cravings led them to this.

Blue Raspberry by I Love Salts E Liquid

Blue Raspberry Ice

In our opinion, raspberries tend to elicit mixed reactions. Perhaps, you've got a thing for clashing flavors. If that's the case, you'll find this hard to turn down. Filled to the brim, these raspberries explode with tasty force. Just take a hit. Then, you'll know what we mean.

Sour and Refreshing:

Not to mention, admits to the flavors, menthol makes itself known. If you'd like something with a minty aftertaste, these won't disappoint. The raspberry tones masked the harshness of the menthol. Regardless, once you exhale, you'll notice it.

Sweet Strawberry

Strawberries have been among the most notable flavors ever introduced. In the past, you'd have laughed at such a thought. Now, the proof is right in front of you. Unless you've tried a bit of everything, we're certain these flavors won't seem familiar. Fortunately, compared to other instances, it is a good thing this time.

For Those With a Sweet Tooth, Nothing Satisfies Such Cravings Better:

Bittersweet tones line the tongue. However, above all, you'll find something tropical in that hit. When you'd like nothing more than a vacation, this might be a good second option. That way, despite staying put, your tongue cant tell the difference. It'll be as if you were cast away amidst the tropics. From our perspective, such travels would be quite an adventure.

Built to Be Notable, This Juices Stands Out From the Crowd:

Juices tend to tantalize those taste buds. Nevertheless, without some degree of quality, such developments rarely unfold. Still, after trying some of this, you'd be left with fair intentions. Of course, not everyone loves the taste of paradise. You'll have to be the one who decides that.

Grappleberry (Salt E Liquid) - I Love Salts E Liquid


Grape plus several other berries. Are you familiar with that math equation? If not, then you should acquaint yourself with this. Afterward, you'll be more than mere acquaintances. In fact, from our experience, we'd say you might have a new favorite on your hands. If that happens to be the case, then who would be the one to blame? What flavors like this, it's hard to turn down.

With the Synergy of These Fruit, Sublime Flavors Cascade Over the Tongue:

Flavorings mixed together to create something rather unique. On the one hand, you'd be surprised by how simple the recipe seems. Yet, after trying its results, reconciling such differences becomes insurmountable. Comparatively, simple flavors leave you in a stunned daze. For those who demand equality, simplicity leaves them wanting. Fortunately, crafted by demand, this flavor fills a void.

Cultivating Its Following, This Juice Still Draws a Crowd:

For the most part, flavors aren't game-changing. However, on certain occasions, you'll happen across something entirely different. We'd wager this happens to be one of those moments. However, until you try some for yourself, it'll be tough to tell. So, how about taking a leap? Certainly, it's worth the effort.