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MarkTen Classic Tobacco Cartridge Refill Review

MarkTen Classic Tobacco Cartridge Refill Review


We have an interesting co-worker among us at the office. We’ll call him Larry for privacy purposes. Larry’s cool, a history major grad. Avid vaper. When we told him about the testing of the MarkTen Classic Tobacco, he smiled at us and said “Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.”

And we pretended to nod and act like we understood what the hell just spewed out of his mouth.

Turns out that his whatchamacallit phrase was Latin for ‘Everything changes, nothing perishes’ by Publius Ovidius Naso. A Roman poet. Huh.

Was Larry right on that obscure quote?

An Ode To Classics (MarkTen’s History)

MarkTen is an electronic cigarette owned by Altria Group, parent company of the Marlboro tobacco brand here in the US. According to our research (ie. Google), the e-cig was launched in 2014.

Newbie and veteran consumers flock to the MarkTen as a starter e-cig. Why? Because in terms of trying anything we go for what’s familiar vs. new.  In this case, picking MarkTen has the perk of being attached to an established brand and history over budding companies with no rep.

But before anyone brings pitchforks to our office for giving a shot to a brand connected to Big Tobacco, let us point out our stance on giving people the freedom of choice in products. And that includes unbiased reviews on various companies.

Also, Altria is also pushing against the FDA regulations and in turn fending for the vaping industry. The more you know!

The Taste

So the official description for the Classic is ‘A smooth blend of tobacco flavors with a mellow finish’.

Now for us, that was a tad confusing. As we are used to primarily fruity flavors and sweet tastes most of us guinea pigs, um, testers didn’t have a grasp on what to expect.

Plus, some people in our office have jumped straight to vaping as opposed to smoking, leaving our population of smoking veterans fairly low. But we were told by our previous smoker co-worker (not Larry) that mentioned that we should expect a similar smooth taste from the VUSE line, but without the mint aftertaste.

We were sold. After the first couple of puffs we finally came to a conclusion on the right words for the Classic. Vintage. As in the true bridge from smoking to vaping with a strong smooth hit that sets it off just right.

This is the flavor you pick to give your disgruntled uncle that swears up and down that technology is the beginning of the end and you want to expose him to greener pastures. Or just to shut him up and save that inheritance money he’s burning buying cigarettes all the time.  


Final Verdict

For our previous smoker, he saw a true lack of a difference between this and cigarettes, a good thing if you're a smoker looking to quit. If you’re a chain vaper this refill may last just a few hours, but for seasoned vapers you can stretch it out a bit. However, the few testers that only vaped and never tried tobacco flavors have harsher words to say, so it’s a miss for people who’ve never liked tobacco flavor in the first place.