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MarkTen Winter Mint Cartridge Review

MarkTen Winter Mint Cartridge Review


Imagine us at the end of our reviews for MarkTen refills. We’ve tried the Classic, Menthol and Bold Menthol and we've got to admit we're becoming a bit sick of minty-tasting vapes.

It's reached the point where we actually banned mints in the office for a week (we still brought gum for garlic salad day. Looking at you here, Craig).

And then our buddy Larry tells us about the last product for us to review. Winter Mint.

Someone swore in the office that day, but we still don’t know who it was.


Anywho, here’s our final (at the moment) review of the MarkTen Cartridge flavor, Winter Mint. But don’t worry, we’ll do our best to stay unbiased, upbeat and professionally chill in this review.

The ‘Cool’ History of Mark Ten

Now, anyone who hasn’t been in an ice castle before knows about MarkTen and their connection as a brand to Big Tobacco Altria.

However, us cool cats at Breazy have a personal stance on freedom of choice or our customers. And that includes unbiased reviews on various companies.

Plus if you’ve done your homework, (or again, don’t live in an ice castle), Altria is also pushing against the FDA regulations and by extension standing up for the vaping industry.

Now that the recap is over, let’s dive into the actual taste.

The Taste

The key phrase of the Winter Mint by MarkTen is that ‘everyone is getting the freshness they need.’

Needless to say, after the Menthol and Bold Menthol, we weren’t too enthused when the description went on to say ‘Winter Mint may remind you of the classic taste that menthol offers, but this flavorful cartridge makes it more intense.’

This time we knew it was Craig who swore because he popped a mint in his mouth and said he was all good and left for lunch.

So, Craig-less, we gave it a solid four puffs. And we can tell you: it’s really minty. But...in a good way?

Like that minty-ness you want when you finish your dinner. Or don’t want to brush your teeth. Or actually being cool with seeing Frozen again with your niece who finally stopped streaming Moana. So it's not the disaster we’d feared it might be!

Plus, the flavor left a lasting taste in the back of our throats, which is great for seasoned smokers and mint lovers, but not so chill for newbies or for people that wanna try something else without that aftertaste.

Final Verdict

So our office brought back the mints and our ban has been lifted. The only key difference other than the toothpaste flavor of this refill was the puff after the pull, which were a bit larger than the others and thicker.

If you want to skip basic human hygiene or suck on a mint without actually consuming one, this is the flavor. Not too savvy? Skip it and go to lunch, and bring your co-workers donuts as a apology for ditching.

Thanks Craig.