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Skip the Pie and Try these Thanksgiving-Friendly Flavors

Skip the Pie and Try these Thanksgiving-Friendly Flavors


Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with family and friends, sharing a massive turkey dinner and stuffing yourself with all the side dishes in between bites of turkey.

Once the platters of food start getting passed around, it’s amazing how quickly your plate starts overflowing with color and flavor. Whether it’s cranberry, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, gravy or carrots, sides play a big part of any Thanksgiving meal.

After all that, unless you pace yourself properly, it can sometimes be hard to find room for dessert. You just want to just sit back, relax, and zone out with football or family gossip. That’s where vaping comes in. Some traditional Thanksgiving flavors are hard to replicate (turkey e-liquid? We're sure it's out there, but we're not going to try it), but other holiday favorites make for excellent vape options—in lieu of—or after that pumpkin pie.

Here are a few of our Thanksgiving-friendly faves.



Pumpkin Cookie - Sad Boy E Liquid - $17.99

We all know that during Thanksgiving time everyone looks forward to digging into the sweeter things in life. Pumpkin Cookie by Sad Boy E Liquid hits all the best sweet notes for the holiday season. First there’s the great cookie taste that we all know and love, which is followed by a legit pumpkin pie taste. Topped off with a little sprinkle of spicy cinnamon, this juice goes perfect with flickering fireplaces, lightly falling snow, and long draws on your favorite device.


Gingerbread Dude - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid - $14.99

You may or may not know the Muffin Man, but prepare to get acquainted with Gingerbread Dude. This coffee flavored e-liquid combines a classic gingerbread flavor with a heavy dose of freshly brewed cappuccino. A great treat in the morning, this e-liquid would be perfect during that quiet lull while you’re waiting for company and the turkey is already in the oven. Gingerbread Dude by Fuggin Vapor is a great choice to precede your turkey dinner or follow it up.


AutumnMatic - Doughboys Vaped Goods - $14.99

Encapsulating everything you love about the fall season, AutumnMatic is another mouth-watering donut flavor from Doughboys Vaped Goods which also embodies that just-baked freshness. How much more Thanksgiving can you get than a pumpkin-spiced donut e-liquid? Because this is such a seasonal e-juice with a limited run, make sure to grab one as soon as possible.


Savor - Enfuse Vapory - $14.39

While a lot of flavors focus on the sweeter side of life, some e-liquids really offer an alternate taste of the richer sweets. An amazing mix of all of your favorite side dishes at Thanksgiving, Savor by Enfuse Vapor boasts of a blend of candied yams and cinnamon pastry topped with vanilla ice cream. No other flavor gives such a complex, authentic, and unique take on a favorite Thanksgiving dessert.

Cran Apple - Loaded E Liquid - $19.99

When you’re talking about side dishes at Thanksgiving, it’s hard to miss the cranberry sauce. It’s by far the most popular sweet fruit dish to compliment warm and savory turkey meat. Every family seems to have its own unique recipe for cranberry sauce, and Loaded E Liquid puts its own spin on by adding a touch of apple to give you Cran Apple. It tastes freshly picked, tart and sweet.


Carrot Cake – Epistle E Liquid - $19.99

If you want to spice up your after-Thanksgiving vape, Carrot Cake by Epistle E Liquid is the perfect liquid dessert. There's that subtle carrot sweetness dusted with a dash of cinnamon, but we all know carrot cake is really all about the cream cheese frosting. One of our favorite aspects of this flavor is the welcoming scent, which draws you in. It’s like opening the oven door while the pie is baking and taking a big whiff.


Butterface - Full Chubs E Juice - Price: $19.99

There’s no better time to get your fix of buttery treats than around the Thanksgiving table. While you might not initially think of butter as a flavor conducive to e-juice, Butterface from Full Chubs E Juice somehow makes it work. This flavor is one of the more creative mixes we've seen, making use of traditional butter cookie ingredients along with caramel and butterscotch for a sweet and smooth taste you can vape all day long.  


Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady E Liquid - $19.99

For your fancy friends around the dinner table, a Thanksgiving flavor that’s slightly more upmarket is Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady E Liquid. This one mimics a tasty lemon curd floating weightlessly atop a meringue crust. It’s as divine as something you'd find on a dessert tray at an upscale restaurant.


Blackberry - Jam Monster E Liquid -  Price: $19.99

There’s nothing like jamming with Blackberry by Jam Monster E Liquid for an amazing after-dinner treat. While not quite as decadent as some of their other flavors, there’s a subtle charm to Blackberry. Blackberry is often an underappreciated or overlooked flavor, but the guys at Jam Monster really know how to make a great jam-flavored blend.


Marshmallow Crispy - Salty Man E Liquid - $17.99

Another excellent sweet vape, Marshmallow Crispy by Salty Man E Liquid can help knock you out of that turkey-induced tryptophan coma. Marshmallows go great with yams because they’re both sweet, warm and mushy. But let's leave the tubers on the table and out of your tank. For this flavor, expect a lot of sweetness mixed with some delicious cream that'll hook you in from the first puff.