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SMOK TF2019 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

SMOK TF2019 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

SMOK TF2019 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Smok probably deserves credit for introducing the world to sub-ohm clearomizers as we know them today. When the TFV-4, first in the TFV series, came out back in 2015, it shattered the vaping community's notions about what was possible with a disposable-coil tank. The flavor and vapor production were miles ahead of anything else on the market at that time, offering for the first time a no-fuss vape that could compete with hand-built coils. While they've continued to push the envelope with the TFV-8 and TFV-12 models, competitors have also stepped up.

The question now is how Smok will respond.Their latest offering, the TF2019 Sub-Ohm tank might be their best tank yet. This is the same tank that came with the Smok Morph, and now you can now get the tank separately.

There’s a lot to like about this tank, particularly with regard to new features - some borrowed from competitors, some completely unique. It looks great, it performs well, and there’s tons of power and coil options for your vaping pleasure. So let’s dive in…


First, some specs. This tank has a 25mm diameter (30 mm with the included bubble glass installed) and stands at 56mm tall. It holds a whopping 6ml of e-liquid in its bulb shaped glass, which is an impressive amount, even for the notoriously large Smok tanks.

Available colors colors include  blue, stainless steel, black, gold, and rainbow. While a lot of these Smok tanks look alike, this one has a thicker base and just looks great overall. There's also an included vape band to protect the tank glass - but instead of a single band serving as a rubber bumper Smok's now covers the entire glass from top to bottom, cutting diamond-shaped holes at regular intervals to keep an eye on your liquid level.

There's a color-matched resin 510 drip tip, a nice return to industry standard. We've seen Smok and others including proprietary drip tips that aren't compatible with other models, getting back to 510 is nice in that it allows you to use your own tip if you have a style or material that you prefer.

The top-fill system still features a hinged slide-away cap, but Smok takes a cue from Horizon's latest Falcon update by adding a locking button to prevent the cap from sliding loose in a pocket or purse. The fill hole is not only huge, but there are no pesky rubber gaskets that can sometimes swell or become dislodged. We didn't notice any leaks from the tank, so perhaps there isn't a need for silicone up top after all.

What's groundbreaking, however, is the press-fit coil system similar to what we're beginning to see in all-in-one devices. Instead of threading the coil into the base, it's still attached to the tank when the base is unscrewed, allowing for coil changes even when the tank is full of liquid - just tip the tank upside down, pull the old coil out, and pop a new one in. 


Vapor production has never been an issue with the TFV series, and it's certainly top-notch with the TF2019. The big improvement Smok has made is in the flavor that the new 0.25 ohm mesh coils deliver - this is by far the most flavorful clearo in the Smok line, and it goes a long way toward catching up with the performance of competitors like the aforementioned Falcon.

Airflow is great, even with the slightly smaller 510 tip, delivered through two huge adjustable slots in the base. Smok is recommending a power range of 30-80 watts for the stock coils (both supplied with the tank are the same 0.25 ohm mesh), and we're getting great production even at the low end of the range, making the tank ideal for direct-lung vapers who don't necessarily want a hot vape.


Right now Smok is only offering two coils for the TF2019, and they don't include the 0.5 ohm ceramic option with the tank to try out. We've seen Smok roll out a plethora of coil options for its other TFV series in the past, but for now there's really no MTL option.

Some people will also prefer the larger 810-style drip tips to maximize airflow. The customization options 510 offers appeal to us more than the huge 810, and we're not going to be entering any cloud comps with a throwaway coil tank anyway, but this might be a dealbreaker for those who demand the absolute loosest draw.


The TF2019 Sub-Ohm by Smok is a very impressive tank, and it's just what Smok needs to revitalize their legendary-but-dated TFV line. They’re reasonably priced and Smok is one of vaping's biggest names, so you know support is going to be available for a long time to come. If Smok can deliver a few more coil options that cater to the high-power crowd and MTL vapers while keeping the flavor level as high as with the base coil, the TF2019 will get them right back into the best sub-ohm clearomizer conversation.