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The Vape Flavor Ban Is Real (And What You Can Do About It)

The Vape Flavor Ban Is Real (And What You Can Do About It)


The Flavor Ban Is Real (And What You Can Do About It)

When we heard that there was a petition to ban vape product flavors, we thought it was a joke. It’s not.

The FDA is moving against vape shops. Why? Because like any good Samaritan, they want to thwart selling vape products to kids, and selling products that look like they appeal to kids.

The problem is that most vape shops don’t sell to kids, and kids by and large aren't picking up vaping in numbers even comparable to just a few years ago, as statistics show those who are willing to look. So we have to ask again, where’s the fire?.

But don’t worry, the ban won’t affect all flavors. We’ll still have Tobacco and Menthol, because kids don’t want tobacco products that taste like tobacco, just like adults don't like foods that taste like food.

The vast majority of our staff here are really going to miss their flavors if a total ban comes to pass. And trying new things when there's nothing new to try is really going to suck for our review committee. Needless to say, being restricted to only two options more than just sucks.

Many people who vape are former smokers, and one of the biggest appeals to vaping for former (adult) smokers is the various flavors that encourage and support them in disassociating vapor from tobacco smoke. With the ban in place, giving the public the options of cartridges that essentially are cigarette flavors, the appeal to vape for adults is almost destroyed other than the health benefits, which for many aren't enough to encourage a switch - every smoker is well aware smoking is a terrible health decision but millions continue to do so every day.

According to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, this movement is part of a larger comprehensive plan.

“We’re also working hard to prevent access to products we believe are adulterated or misbranded. We recently joined with the Federal Trade Commission to issue 13 joint warning letters to companies that misleadingly labeled or advertised nicotine-containing e-liquids as kid-friendly food products (juice boxes, candies, and cookies),” he said.

We’re assuming he is also including the flavors that may appeal to kids as well. Which isn’t fair for grown adults.

And this response is in spite of many studies proving that vaping is less harmful, less addictive. According to a research study published by the Georgetown University Medical Center lead by researcher David Levy, his team studied what happened to cigarette smokers who had switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes over the course of 10 years.

The result? Even with external factors and possible variables taken into account, switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes increased lifespan. Levy hopes that the findings might help the Surgeon General and the public health community find a solution to their call to end cigarette smoking.

“The 2014 U.S. Surgeon General Report recommended an endgame strategy for the country’s tobacco epidemic, but no additional strategy was laid out other than the current status quo tobacco control policies,” he says.

We’re familiar with those policies including higher taxes on cigarettes, smoke-free public places, media campaigns/propaganda, cessation treatment programs and advertising restrictions.

“While those policies have been effective over time — smoking prevalence has decreased markedly over the past 50 years — their impact has been relatively slow,” Levy says.

He points out that more substantial research on vaping shows that use of e-cigarettes can effectively help smokers give up cigarettes, if they are given the chance.

“Old policies need to be supplemented with policies that encourage substituting e-cigarettes for the far more deadly cigarettes,” Levy says. “Together, these policies as well as regulating the content of cigarettes have the potential to drastically reduce the massive harms from smoking cigarettes.”

But with the FDA’s current tactics, that compromise and understanding will never come to the public eye. Please call your local government offices to stop the ban and save the flavors for all legal consumers.

Otherwise, no more Crema for you.