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Top 5 Lemonade Flavored E Liquids

Lemonade flavored e-liquid can be very hit or miss, add on ml off too much flavoring and you've arrived in overkill land. To save you the trouble of finding this out first hand we've taste tested a few dozen to narrow down our top five favorites and here they are.


Pink Lemonade - Element Vape: Element has remained as amazing as ever never letting their consumer down with a truly remarkable history of consistency. Pink Lemonade has been a standout among lemonade flavored e liquids because it was one of the first to ever get it right, powerful flavor and huge cloud product makes this a must have.


Kinetic Cooler - Electric Sky Co E Liquid: Kinetic Cooler pairs lemonade with tangerines, lime and mint to craft a truly unique vape experience that would fit well on just about any porch across the country in a cool summer night. A refreshing experience that balances a few dominant flavors but gets them to play perfectly with each other. Kinetic Cooler is an exceptional product that really shows the versatility of Electric Sky Co.


Guave - Glas E Liquid: Guave does something we'd never seen or experienced before and that's combining lemonade, guava and berries into one fruity experience. Truly a tropical experience for the ages, Glas E Liquid truly departs from what they are known for and tests the water to perfection within this category of flavor.


Strawberry Lemonade - Mr. Freeze E Liquid: A popular twist that never goes out of style. The strawberry and lemon combination is a heartwarming treat that will make you go out for more. Stay in touch with your sweet side without letting go of the popular citrus taste. Be energized with Mr. Freeze! Truly a tantalizing experience that provides the sweetest lemonade flavor you'll ever come across.


Statue Of Lemons - Sugar Hill E-Liquid: Statue Of Lemons blends a lemonade with strawberries and raspberry, while not advertised as featuring strawberry the revamped version includes it. Statue Of Lemons has made one of the most dramatic pivots ever in the vape industry. It's initially offering was pretty underwhelming and a casualty of too much flavoring, after some adjustments by the mixology team that led to perfection. This product has gotten so good it can easily now be ranked among the top 25 all time vape products available.