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Top 5 Tobacco Flavored E Liquids For February 2017

Tobacco is one of those flavor profiles that many transitioning analog users flood towards. Experienced vapers are also known to enjoy the category. With that in mind we want to direct your attention to the our top five recommendations for the month of February.


Euro gold by naked 100 tobacco e liquid

Euro Gold - Naked 100 Tobacco E Liquid: The gold standard of e liquid is back. Naked 100 Tobacco E Liquid's Euro Gold delivers the sensation and flavor of a lite cigarette's tobacco taste and enjoyment. Euro Gold really stands alone in how it executes just enough boldness and the right amount of tobacco leaf flavor without being underwhelming or overpowering.


Original Blend Brewell Tobacco Series

Original Blend - Brewell Tobacco Series: Smooth rich tobacco flavors that brings you back to the love you had for the leaf. Rich blends of aged and refined tobacco flavor that will win you over. Brewell outdid themselves with Original Blend, the aged flavor is an acquired taste but for those who have enjoyed a high end cigar or enjoyed more expensive imported analog cigarettes known this flavor profile quite well.


Winter's Harvest by Kind E Juice

Winter’s Harvest - Kind Juice: Early Crop American Burley tobacco with menthol. Rich tobacco flavor that patches itself with a cooling effect on both the inhale and exhale. As a former menthol smoker, I never quite found a flavor profile that hit that experience quite on the nose and years later come to taste Winter’s Harvest, the experience with this one brought back many a memory of those times. Winter’s Harvest isn't just a tobacco and menthol mix, it's one of the finest ever created.


American Cowboy by Naked 100 Tobacco e liquid

American Cowboy - Naked 100 Tobacco E Liquid: Get your big ole ten gallon hat out because it's time to ride like the wild west. American Cowboy delivers the same flavor experience you would get from that red pack of analog cigarettes that so famously made the cowboy famous. Get your fill of bold tobacco without the lingering smell and get your American Cowboy on. This is so spot on the folks over at the big cigarette empire must be scratching their hands on how to hold onto their analog smokers.


sonata by black note e liquid

Sonata - Black Note E Liquid: Cavendish tobacco that includes the traditional curing process. Sonata captures the glorious notes of dark virginia tobacco in all of its glorious existence. A 400 year old recipe finds its way to your vape. This is truly an acquired taste experience, if you do not have the palette refinement for it then its subtleties may be lost on you but take it from a tobacconist, this is truly a very special experience when paired with well aged scotch.