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Vape Ban Suspended In Ravalli County

Vape Ban Suspended In Ravalli County


Vape Ban Suspended In Ravalli County

So, does everyone remember Ravalli? Small Montana county with a hasty rush to ban e-cigarettes and vaping devices in indoor public places?

Well, they aren’t so hasty now, according to Ravalli Republic.

Officially, the ban has been suspended. How come? Well, the same reason many big decisions deserve a tad more time: research.

The Ravalli County Board has decided that its' members don’t have all of the facts on vaping products to reach a swift, unanimous decision. This was brought to light by Ron Marshall of Freedom Vapes, a vape store within the county.

Marshall pointed out the county had not done enough to let the community know the issue was being considered, and had made mistakes in posting meeting times online. This was made more apparent after a meeting that showcased a variety of differing views on the health impacts and concerns of electronic nicotine delivery devices.

As the topic of vaping becomes more familiar in the public, many are turning to research to see if the claims of a healthier smoking alternative is truly possible. This has been a great push for pro-vapers against anti-vape laws that are approved too quickly due to ignorance on the subject.

One of the biggest concerns about the regulation of vaping though is the safety of the youth. Or more specifically, the risk of underage children turning to vaping, a note Ravalli County Commissioner Jeff Burrows made.

Despite the studies that showing that vaping is indeed healthier for the body and that kids (by kids we mean teens) are shown to have a declining interest in smoking altogether, many officials still worry about risk in the face of a new contender of tobacco products.

However, that isn’t to say that pro-vapers want kids to vape. Quite the opposite. Many who oppose the bill (us included) fully understand the concerns and have made efforts to stop kids from vaping. We are also  encouraging the law to enact harsh penalties on businesses that do sell to kids, as suggested by Marshall.

“Our employees know that if they don’t ID someone underage and we find out about it, they are fired,” Marshall said as an example.

“There are penalties for people buying beer for underage kids, but there’s not an ordinance for that for the product we sell,” he said. “There’s no punishment because it’s something that’s new. I think an ordinance could be passed at the county level to address it. We plan to take it to the state.”

Marshall also believes that underage users can also purchase the product online using pre-paid gift cards. But here at Breazy, as with most reputable online vendors, we use best-in-class online age verification technology to ensure customers are of legal age. We can’t speak for other websites, but we do age verify every customer with Veratad Technologies, the gold standard for online age verification.

As of now, the county health board formed a subcommittee that will consider options to address the Clean Indoor Air Act issue. Along with that, other methods to stop underage vaping is also being considered.

The board suspended the ban on vaping in public buildings until August. And we hope with a bit more insight, Ravalli considers a middle-ground with vaping products.