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Vape Coil Calculator by Breazy

Vape Coil Calculator

Occasionally, you'll find building your own
coil provides the best experience. Of course, to get started, you'll need to learn how. Fortunately, it's not as difficult as you suspect. By following our guide, you'll be building one within mere moments. Then, before too long, you'll be the master. At that point, perhaps, you could show us something.

Vape Coil Calculator by Breazy

Building a Coil for the First Time

For those who haven't built one of these yet, don't feel too overwhelmed. Although it seems complicated, in reality, it's quite simple. Before you move ahead, let's take stock of your supplies. Until you have all the needed parts, it would be best to wait. That way, after starting, you won't have to stop until you are done.

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Factors to Consider When Using Our Vape Coil Calculator

Purchasing a prebuilt coil is much different than building one by yourself. When you do that, each aspect is under your control. To keep everything organized, we suggest categorizing each characteristic. That way, as you develop your expertise, you can use this as if it were a rubric.

Coil Resistance:

Resistance is a concept in electrical theory. It refers to how difficult it is for electrons to flow. As the difficulty increases, so has the resistance. When it comes to your vape, this determines how powerful its electric current is. The more powerful it is, the bigger clouds you will produce. For some people, that's a desirable trait.

Size of the Wire:

Larger wires can channel higher currents. For the most part, you'll want to avoid excessively large wires. If you use some of those, it'll make building the coil more difficult. Since they won't bend as easily, it takes much more force to move them into place. Unless you have a lot of experience, try using a thin wire at first.

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How many volts can your battery produce? Depending on the answer, your coil should be an appropriate size. Otherwise, the current might overload the circuit. Then, it's tough not to burn your wick. Afterward, you have to replace it unless you love the taste of burnt substances.

What Do You Need to Build a Coil?

Now, assuming you'd like to build one, you'll need the correct materials. Until you grab them all, this will be nothing more than a dream. Luckily, on the whole, these will be easy to acquire. Plus, on top of that, you'll be the one who is in the driver's seat. As such, your final coil will be of your design.

Coil Building Supplies

- Resistance Wire:

When you select a wire, compare its resistance. That information tells you what your coil's resistance will be once you are done. If you'd like something with higher resistance levels, then select an appropriate wire. Otherwise, you'll be left with what you got.

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- Vape Coil Wick:

After building the coil, you'll need to install its wick. Without one of those, your e- juice has nowhere to go. Then, if you try to hit the vape, it will only end disappointingly. Fortunately, wicking materials are easy to come across. Thus, once you've built the coil, these parts are relatively simple.

How Do You Build a Coil?

After gathering all the supplies, you can start to build a coil. At its most fundamental level, a coil simply directs the flow of electricity.

Once You Have Everything, Take the Coil and Wrap It Using the Wire:

To begin, connect one end of the wires to the correct location. Then, at the other end, snap the loose end of the wire into place. After both ends have been put where they go, you can apply the wicking material. As long as everything has been done correctly, you'll see a small opening in the center of the wires. In that area, thread to the wicking material. Pull it through slowly. That way, as you are pulling, it doesn't all apart. Once it is fully in place, you are done.

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Following That, Soak the Coil in Your Favorite E Juice:

After threading the wick through, soak everything using your favorite e juice. Once you've done that, give it enough time to soak. Otherwise, once you hit the vape, your wick will burn. Then, all your hard work will have been for barely anything.

Coil Wicking Materials

Some materials are better at performing certain tasks than others. For example, ceramic tends to last longer without burning. However, it's also among the most expensive materials you can purchase. With that in mind, you'll have to choose wisely.