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Vape News in Brief – April 18 Edition

Vape News in Brief – April 18 Edition


Once again, we go scouring the interwebs to pick up the important and/or interesting vape news you may have missed…


Indiana, home state to former-governor and now vice president Mike Pence, has been home to some of the nation's most restrictive vaping laws. But it seems they're now on the verge of rolling back some of the more onerous restrictions, given that they can find a way to ensure minors can't buy e-liquids online. They're apparently unaware that reputable online vendors long ago adopted age-verification software, though as a Breazy customer you must know this already – consider yourself smarter than the average congress-critter.


A Queens, NY man is suing Wismec and a local vape shop after apparently creating an explosion in his pants pocket by improperly storing spare batteries (according to the shop owner, at least). We can't stress this enough - battery safety is no joke! If the allegations made by the owner of the shop cited in the story are true, the victim of this avoidable tragedy could be driving an unnecessary nail into the coffin of the vape scene, which we believe is a crucially helpful alternative to tobacco quitters everywhere.


This is a fun little story (from GQ, no less) about a young vape-preneruer looking to take vaping mainstream through cloud tricks. Whether you think he's piloting the Air Force One of delta-bravery or serving as an advocate for vapers worldwide, it's still an amusing read.



Continuing on the human interest beat, here's the story of a Florida Man/reporter who gave vaping a chance and quit smoking as a result. He's going through the finicky phase of learning to adapt to his new healthier habit – something that could easily be hastened via a visit to our education blog. Check it out, if you haven't already,



Finally! This story out of Arizona about exploding vapes actually admits that mishandling of batteries (and using sub-par cells) is the starting point for most accidents. Poorly written or not, more vapers (and members of the general public) need to understand that using reputable products in a responsible manner drops the risk of using e-cigarette to the level of using other personal electronics like cell phones or lower (we're looking at you, Samsung!).



Countering the good (unfortunately) with the bad, the US Navy has decided to ban the use of vaping devices throughout the government's fleet of ships. The ban comes following 31 incidences of battery overheating, including two that required the use of firefighting equipment. Data on conventional cigarettes and their attendant harm was not provided.



Here's a refreshing, informed take acknowledging that vapor products don't contain tobacco, do not fall under the same purview as existing tobacco products, and, despite an incomplete knowledge base, suggest vaping can go a long way toward curtailing the hold tobacco has over its many unfortunate addicts.


Here's more on the assertion that vaping should be codified differently under existing law than smoking. Still, the pitch that Donald Trump may prove to be the industry's savior is unverified – his vice president presided over the harshest vaping laws in the nation just last year, and he has yet to make a public statement with regard to vaping. Nonetheless, we remain hopeful, perhaps more so than under a regime more friendly to anti-tobacco interests…