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Vape News In Brief: April 26th, 2018 Edition

Vape News In Brief: April 26th, 2018 Edition


*VNIB* is a semi-regular column in which we take a look around the globe, searching for news, science, and the occasional pop culture reference related to vaping and the life of vapers. Today, let's talk about…


…kids, who love video games! Right? That's why CVS, the drugstore that commendably yanked tobacco products from its shelves in 2014, is funding a $1.4 million video game project designed to discourage teens from smoking or vaping. On the surface this comes across as a bit of ham-handed pandering, but if it's even a little bit effective, that's still a good thing.


Officials in Des Moines, Iowa are trumpeting a plan that would change local law to treat vapor products the same as cigarettes. The local paper is reporting that this is the only way to stop teens from smoking, as there is currently no local age restriction for the purchase of alternative nicotine products. This is both short-sighted in that such a broad change also negatively impacts adults trying to quit smoking with vapor products and flat-out wrong in that the FDA's deeming regulations imposed a nationwide ban on the sale of vapor products to minors – back in 2016.


Racehorse owners are known for their eccentricity in naming the steeds of their stables. Apparently someone has decided Pass The Vape is a great name for a horse that runs in circles dragging a guy in a cart.



Tobacco products have long been one of the biggest drivers in convenience store sales, creating a need for consumers to visit and maybe buy a bag of chips or something else. But according to a recent industry report, vapor products are stepping up to fill a diminishing demand for tobacco products that contain, you know, actual tobacco.


You already know you shouldn't drip and drive. Added to the list of vape-friendly driver advice: don't bend over to look for your vape while piloting a moving vehicle. The driver in this story, however, seems to have many more problems than exercising poor judgment as to whether to watch the road while traveling down it.

File to: horrible ideas. In a single Florida ballot measure this November, voters will have to decide whether they want to ban both vaping in public and oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, or approve of both. The state is saying both are related to clean air and water, though comparing secondhand vapor to BP's Deepwater Horizon seems more than just a little bit ludicrous.


E-Cigarettes Possible Solution For Dairy Armed Robberies - this is an actual headline out of New Zealand last week. Apparently "dairy" is a term used there to describe convenience stores, and the high cost of cigarettes makes the stores tempting robbery targets. The article goes on to suggest that by switching to vaping, would-be robbers could save enough money to not have to steal to get their nicotine fix.

Following that up, the FDA says it plans to take "vigorous enforcement steps" to curb teens' access to vapor products. Okay, saying they're going to do something is a good first step, but we'd like to know more about what that something entails.


While there's been some progress in convincing smokers across all demographics to pick up a vape to aid their quit attempt, Big Tobacco giant Philip Morris is having a harder time selling vapor products to older smokers than young adults who are more receptive to change.

We'll leave you here for now but, as always, more of last week's news will arrive soon…tomorrow night?