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Vape News in Brief – April 5th 2017 Edition

Time to take another look at what's making the vaping world turn…


Washington is the latest state to consider raising the minimum vaping age to 21. The bill, which passed a statehouse committee last week, would do the same for tobacco products and would also begin slapping special taxes on vapor products, except "special cartridges designed to help people stop smoking" (all of them?) and marijuana (which is legal in the state).


Vape shops in Little Falls, NJ now have new hoops to jump through before opening. Anyone hoping to open up in the aptly-named town of 11,000 about 10 miles north of Newark now needs to pay an application fee and appear before the town council to ask permission to conduct business.


Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation's largest healthcare centers, is coming around to vaping…kind of. According to a new post on their blog, the clinic admits vaping appears to be safer than smoking, and acknowledges it can help smokers kick the habit when traditional quit methods fail. But it still hedges its bet by insisting that nicotine is dangerous at any level and advising that if you don't smoke or vape, it's probably a good idea not to start.



Move over Washington – just a couple days after that state announced its intention to push the vaping age to 21, North Carolina indicated they may follow suit. Like Washington, there would be some carve-outs, but these would be for vapers (and smokers) currently old enough to purchase vapor or tobacco products – the law wouldn't take effect for people who are already 18 and thus legal. What's surprising is that this bill comes in the heartland of the traditional tobacco industry.


Vapers in Florida are turning to President Trump to help save the industry from looming FDA regulations. While it's encouraging that Republicans, who control all facets of the federal government at present, are generally much more anti-regulation than their Democratic counterparts, Trump himself hasn't mentioned vaping once (he's stridently anti-drug and alcohol, though, due to a family member's struggles with alcoholism). His VP, Mike Pence, however, signed into law one of the most devastating, draconian laws regarding vaping in history – potentially worse than the FDA deeming regulations. It's since been overturned.


Here's a nice story being passed around the web about one New Zealand vaper's successes. As you'll remember, that country is taking a remarkably refreshing approach to vaping.


There seems to have been an alarming number of "exploding e-cig" stories making the rounds this week (too many to pick just one example), a phenomenon that rears its ugly head every few months and has for years. Please, if you don't understand proper charging, storage, and handling of batteries, NOW is the time to learn. We may revisit this in depth in the coming weeks…


You've likely heard of "heat not burn" technology by now – it involves a contraption in which you insert a PG-soaked cigarette that heats the whole thing and emits tobacco-infused vapor. It should come as no surprise, but tobacco giants like Philip Morris are betting on their new proprietary tech as the wave of the future. If the FDA regulations stay in place and force all of the small players in the vape scene out as they're intended, this may be the alternative that's left for smokers seeking to "quit," as Big Tobacco certainly has the budget to push through for FDA approvals.


Sorry to leave on such a down note, but at least we left out the sensationalized story about the vape shop owner who shot at his employees during a work dispute. We'll see you later in the week, hopefully with some more uplifting stories to tell!