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Vape News In Brief: August 1st, 2018 Edition

Vape News In Brief: August 1st, 2018 Edition


*VNIB* is a semi-regular column in which we take a look around the globe, searching for news, science, and the occasional pop culture reference related to vaping and the life of vapers. Today, let's talk about…

…the escalating White House trade war! Here's another look at how upcoming tariffs could impact your right to vape. Cliff's notes: expect a 25 percent across-the-board price hike on hardware.


smiling vaper

Science: here's a short but good read, we'll introduce it with just the headline: Vaping Helps Smokers Quit – Even If They Don't Want To.


Massachusetts vape age change of law

In a move that seems likely to sooner or later blanket the country, Massachusetts is poised to become the latest state to raise the legal smoking and vaping age to 21. As a quick reminder, we take no position as to legal age requirements here at Breazy, but we remain committed to adhering to whatever laws localities enact pertinent to our customers.

Wichita, Kansas is considering including e-cigarettes in a ban on nicotine product use in public housing. As of July 30, combustible tobacco products were banned to comply with federal guidelines, but a decision has yet to be made on vapor devices. We've seen communities split on this issue over the last few years, but recognizing the difference between vaping and smoking seems to be paying dividends in communities that have chosen to make carve-outs for vaping in the form of lower overall tobacco use…

Singapore vape arrests

Singapore isn't messing around. Since the country fully banned the possession and use of vapor devices in February 28 people have been charged with crimes related to vaping. That's in addition to hundreds caught importing or selling liquids or devices. At least one user interviewed for the story admitted he'd quit vaping and gone back to smoking as a result of the law.


New research is backing up previous studies that have reached the same conclusion: when you smoke, particularly indoors, the pollution from your cigarette can linger in the air for up to 45 minutes, affecting people who enter the room long after you've stubbed out your butt and gone. The aerosol vapor from e-cigarettes? It dissipates within seconds, drastically reducing the as-yet-unidentified potential risks of "secondhand" vapor.


A Tennessee sheriff who illegally profited from selling e-cigarettes to jail inmates is petitioning President Trump for a pardon. In his plea, former Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold argues that, since he only took money from inmates and not the government (which would have otherwise gained from the sale of the vapor products), he did no wrong and should be considered a "political prisoner." He's currently serving a four-year sentence following a guilty plea last year.

Citizens in Bahrain are outraged following the passage of a new round of sin taxes that, among other things, effectively doubles the price of e-liquid in the country. Along with the 100 percent tax rate now imposed on imported vape juice, energy drinks and other carbonated beverages are also being hit with steep tariffs.


fake vape news

Debunked: A Canadian teen media originally identified as having been killed by the use of a vapor device was instead found to have been suffering the effects of a stroke. While teen vaping is certainly to be discouraged and the untimely death of any youth is severely regrettable, it's nice to see at least one outlet setting the story straight.

Keeping it brief, this is one of the best op-eds we've read contrasting the risk and reward of a public policy that embraces vaping. You should read it.

Sounds fun: a vape shop in England is petitioning for a licence (that's British for "license") to serve alcohol and light food in a new location that would also house a pool table and jukebox. So, a vape bar? Sign us up!


vape research

Potentially groundbreaking: new research suggests that young adults aged 18-29, previously the age bracket most likely to consume tobacco products, are actually smoking less than middle-aged adults between 30 and 64. That's largely because younger potential smokers are more likely to be aware of the growing scientific consensus embraced by groups such as the American Lung Association that vaping offers a reduced-risk alternative and endeavor to quit. There's a lot more here, including the fact that the vast majority of adult vapers across all age categories are former smokers, but we'll unpack all that in an extended post in the days to come.

We'll cut it there, but be sure to check out the rest of the in-depth coverage on the Breazy blogs while you're waiting for the next edition of VNIB, due to post in precisely some indeterminate amount of time!