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Vape News In Brief: February 13th, 2018 Edition

Vape News In Brief: February 13th, 2018 Edition


*VNIB* is a semi-regular column in which we take a look around the globe, searching for news, science, and the occasional pop culture reference related to vaping and the life of vapers. Today, let's talk about…


In a headline you'd only see in Britain, tobacco experts are encouraging all smokers, including pregnant women, to give vaping a try. It's coming off as a controversial call, since quitting nicotine entirely is undoubtedly the best move while pregnant, but scientists counter that if vaping at least eliminates cigarette smoke in mothers-to-be who otherwise wouldn't make a quit attempt at all, it should be encouraged.


Click through for what's actually a pretty interesting deep dive on this kid, who's being called the "Marlboro Man of the digital age." He's making money posting vape reviews on YouTube – that's cool. He's also posting videos about how to vape a JUUL in school without getting caught, and he's taking advertising money without disclosing he's being paid for content – that's decidedly not.


More good British ideas: let's start selling vapor products at hospitals and convert "smoking shelters" (not sure here what this is, all the hospitals and medical offices in your editor's California hometown have been smoke-free for years) into vaping lounges. Even if I may not get it, I'm all for it!


This piece, from the Cornell University student paper, is about as confusing a hodgepodge as we've seen in a while. On one hand, "smoking is cool again," because "smoking" and "vaping" are the same thing. And JUUL is both "designed to make conventional smoking obsolete and decrease public health risks" and actively stopping the decline of smoking nationwide (fact check: smoking rates are decreasing faster than ever since the advent of vaping). Try to get through this one and end up less conflicted than when you started…


Clouds behind bars: allowing the sale of e-cigarettes to inmates at an Isle of Man jail has made the facility "calmer and safer," at least according to the results of this new study.


This week's internet fail: people are buying flavor concentrates on Amazon and getting pissed when, instead of receiving e-liquid, they receive flavor concentrates, which are usually 100% PG-based and absolutely terrible to vape. If you want to get yourself some propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine base, and some basic chemist's tools to mix all those with the flavor concentrates, knock yourself out. You'll probably end up with some e-liquid, though the quality is going to depend on your skill and experience – everyone starts somewhere, but pro mixers spend years honing their craft. Or, you know, just buy actual e-liquid

So, someone went out and asked some kids what they think about JUUL. The answers are about as enlightening (not) as you'd expect…

We've posted on this bit about blowing vapor at a passing truck before. It's still kind of cool to watch.


The mayor of a small town in British Columbia was recently caught repeating an urban legend in which someone dies after taking a single hit off a vaporizer with a fentanyl-laced e-liquid. He even said it happened to a friend of his son. Too bad for him the story was complete fabrication, as the guy is now enjoying a well-deserved drag through the mud.

Oops: apparently a Tesco employee dropped his e-cig into a box of chicken Kiev that the store later sold. The people who bought the foodstuff were appropriately disgruntled. If Tesco means nothing to you, you may instead recall their brief mega-expansion into the US grocery market under the name Fresh & Easy – it did not go well.


Another brick-and-mortar shop owner is suing the FDA, claiming that onerous "deeming regulations" threaten to put her out of business due to the cost of compliance. Interesting wrinkle: she's also rightly upset that the law prohibits her from sharing information on the health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, as well as from teaching her customers via hands-on demonstration how to properly use their products.

We'll leave you with this for now, but we've got some catching up to do…expect a bonus VNIB episode here in the next few days…