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Vape News in Brief – May 25, 2017 Edition

Vape News in Brief – May 25, 2017 Edition

If you've been following our twice-a-week-or-so coverage of what the mainstream media is learning about vaping, from local papers to global outlets, you know the drill. Let's dive right in, then…


The battle against the dreaded FDA deeming regulations rolls on. With Donald Trump's new FDA head Scott Gottlieb installed, vape-friendly legislators are urging him to go a step further than the recent announcement that implementation of the existing rules would be delayed and scrap them entirely. Gottlieb may be a friendly face for the industry, having been an investor at one point in a small chain of vape shops (he'd pledged to sell his stake if he got the FDA job).


There are some cigar advocates in Canada saying their tobacco of choice should be regulated more like vaping than cigarettes. The argument is that they typically smoke higher-quality tobacco than is found in cigarettes. While it's flattering to think there are people out there who see the distinction between cigarettes and vapor products, if it were our decision to make we'd politely decline the support.


New Zealand, a famous supporter of vaping in general (lawmakers have even proposed subsidizing the vape industry to get people off cigarettes), is the site of first resistance for tobacco giant Philip Morris' "heat not burn" devices that effectively take a real cigarette, dip it in PG, and use a contraption to vaporize the tobacco rather than burn it. The country says the product is illegal under a 1990 law that bans the sale of tobacco for anything other than smoking. The country has a stated goal of becoming 100% smoke-free by 2020, and vaping is seen there as a potential bridge to get cigarette-smoking hangers-on to quit.


Massachusetts may be the latest state to raise the smoking age to 21. The move would also bar vapor product sales to under-21s, though more than 150 local communities in the state have already adopted the tighter age restrictions.


News to us: the business journal *Forbes* appears to have jumped into the vape review business. We've seen a few mainstream websites starting consumer reviews of vape products, but this is the unlikeliest place for one to pop up yet…


Good news for Filipino vapers – a new nationwide smoking ban in the Philippines doesn't include a parallel vaping ban, unlike most laws we see passed stateside. Back in the "mid-school" days of vaping's brief history, the Philippines were a hotbed for the development of popular mechanical tube mods, with Pinoy craftsmen highly respected for their attention to detail and hard-hitting mechs.


Remember those silly EU regulations we explained earlier this month? They're now being used as a reason for Brexit supporters to argue in its favor. The British, remember, have led the way in pushing vaping as a serious, effective harm-reduction alternative to tobacco use while many other countries (we're looking in the mirror here) choose instead to demonize vaping because vapor "looks like smoke and might make smoking seem okay."



More on those EU regulations – one of them says e-liquid can't be any more potent than 20 mg/ml. When we first reported on the new laws, we were pretty well convinced this was one of the least-concerning issues. Count us wrong – according to a British survey, a full 13% of vapers currently use juice that's got a potency of 24 mg/ml or higher. These individuals are now faced with a stark choice – vape even more lower-strength liquid or revert to smoking – an ugly choice indeed.


More from those lovable Brits – May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, and they're wisely suggesting smokers give vaping a try for a day, then trying to make the switch permanent. We'll nag a bit here, though – their scientists actually found vaping to be 95% safer than smoking, not the measly 90% safer cited in the article.


That's a wrap for now, but you know we'll be back soon. Happy vapor trails!