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Vape News In Brief: November 16th, 2017 Edition


Vape News In Brief: November 16th, 2017 Edition

We're back, we're back! Regular readers know the drill – we take a semi-regular run through news sources across the globe, bringing you the interesting tidbits and hopefully some not-too-lousy takes to go along with them…


First off, the folks behind E-Cigarette Forum last week delivered a pretty comprehensive look at how the world vapes. The whole thing is a good read, but the 'Murica takeaway is such: around 9 million people vape in the US – that's about 43% of the world's total. Vaping in the US alone is a $3.7 billion annual business, and it's still growing.



Canada is reportedly close to passing a new law, Bill S-5, that carries the prospect of ruining vaping across the nation. First, it bans sales of products to youth under age 18 (they still don't have this law on the books!). No problem there. It would also require childproof caps and ingredient listings on e-liquid bottles. Again, no worries. But it further requires childproof vape tanks – and therein lies the rub. There are millions of vapers across Europe, so when the EU passed a law saying no tank could legally hold more than 2 ml of liquid, Chinese manufacturers quickly rolled out "mini" and "micro" versions of popular clearomizers. But Canada, with only about a million people who vape regularly, may not be able to convince manufacturers that there's a market in designing Canada-specific clearos with childproof fail safe's, and even if they do it means every piece of hardware in every shop nationwide would instantly become junk if the law passes. Best of luck to our boys up north in knocking that one bit of silliness out of what's otherwise a perfectly reasonable set of regulations.



Apparently, this paper takes the Facebook comments from their articles and turns them into articles of their own. In this collection of takes on a new indoor smoking ban that's going to force a vape shop that shares space with a tattoo parlor to move, locals tell each other how they really feel – especially commenter #2.


In a contrarian move Imperial Tobacco, one of the lesser-known Big Tobacco brands (they make brands you've seen but likely never smoked like Davidoff, Montecristo, and Drum loose tobacco) is investing in e-liquid manufacturers. Unlike the other big brands who see the death of smoking and are turning to "heat not burn" to keep tobacco alive, Imperial seems to be investing most heavily in the liquid vapor products most of us here at Breazy are most familiar with. Not sure if this is a win or a loss yet…

It's official – the official age to purchase nicotine products (both tobacco and e-liquids) in New Jersey has risen to 21. We officially have no stance on whether raising the legal smoking/vaping age is a beneficial endeavor, but there you have it.

So some companies are now offering extra paid leave to non-smoking employees to make up for the lost productivity resulting from hourly smoke breaks. Will they also let vapers (okay, maybe not ones who work in crowded cube farms) stealth vape at their desks and take advantage of the same offer?


Not so fast, Imperial Tobacco – Altria, parent of Philip Morris, maker of Marlboro and others (read: the Biggest of Big Tobacco) is investing in a chain of brick-and-mortar vape shops. Either they're diversifying or there's something in the works at the FDA that might delay the release of PG-soaked "heat not burn" cigarettes for the US market (though we're told they're huge in Japan).

More good news (for Britain) – youth smoking rates are at all-time lows and sinking.

More UK smoking news - two-thirds of smokers launch quit attempts every year. One in five last less than a month, but vaping has helped many seriously curtail their habit. It's worth a mention here that to get the health benefits of quitting you have to actually quit (cutting back only goes so far), but hey, count the ones you don't smoke, not the ones you do, right?

That's our take for today, but as always check back soon for more. Until then, happy vapor trails my friends…