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Vape News In Brief: November 30th, 2017 Edition

Vape News In Brief: November 30th, 2017 Edition


Hello, friends. While your time may be occupied with joyous holiday gatherings and/or near-beheadings at the local mall this time of year, we're laser-focused: find the big news stories breaking in the vaping world, condense them into bite-sized, pulverized nuggets, and pass them along in an easily digestible form. Away we go…

So, apparently, local town newspapers are now getting into vape reviews. Naturally, half the copy is dedicated to describing how pretty the box containing your e-liquid is, with a couple follow-up blurbs on what it actually tastes like.

At least it's not on the stadium Jumbotron - a man named Tank proposed to his girlfriend inside a vape shop last week. They streamed the event live on Facebook. The juicetender on duty reportedly cried.

The death spirals continue: Big Tobacco, under court order in the state of New Hampshire is rolling out an ad campaign that, in no uncertain terms, condemns its core products. Ads will convey facts such as the daily cigarette death toll of 1200 people – more than AIDS, suicide, drugs, car crashes, and alcohol – combined. Later in the piece there's a statement from Altria (parent company of Philip Morris) that makes reference to moving toward "potentially reduced-risk products" – this is as likely to mean heat-not-burn PG-soaked cigarettes as actual vapor products. Nonetheless, the final word goes to an anti-vapor spokesperson with the American Lung Association who says vaping should be shunned despite all available evidence it's an effective harm reduction tool because even more evidence is still needed.

Do you want to be mocked for your choice to avoid tobacco products? Talked down to and stereotyped as a layabout slacker millennial? Made to feel like if you're a woman who vapes there's something wrong with you? Then click this link that tells you up front what it is – a bunch of vaping GIFs with disguised links to college applications so "your son" accidentally clicks on one. Or don't click through – we kind of wish we could get our two minutes back.

In this report from New Zealand on an Italian doctor, we're told that smokers with chronic respiratory illnesses like asthma stand to gain more than others by switching from tobacco products to vaping. Treat this one with a little skepticism – since vapor particles are considerably larger than smoke particles (which makes the uptake of nicotine and all other chemicals less effective), they've long been suspected to actually irritate those with sensitive respiratory systems more than smoke. If we see any scientific research on this we'll certainly give it a look.

The small town of Basalt, Colorado (population 3857) wants to imitate a neighboring city (and the state of Pennsylvania) by levying a whopping 40 percent tax on vapor products. The proposal goes hand-in-hand with a spike in tobacco taxes that would eventually increase the price of a pack of cigarettes by $4, but detractors argue such a high tax would only devastate the local vaping economy (not sure how much of one there is in a town this size) and promote tobacco products over harm-reduction options. We find it odd that such a measure is gaining traction while Pennsylvania lawmakers are fully engaged in a back-pedal…

Interesting paradox: even though most of the world's vaping hardware is produced in China, virtually no one there vapes. In a country of 1.4 billion and where smoking rates are higher than in most of the developed world, only about a million people are regular vapers – that's a tiny fraction of the US vaping population. One potential cause – state-owned tobacco monopolies that keep cigarettes cheap, while vaping gear remains comparatively expensive.

We'll stop here for now, but rest assured the world keeps turning and we'll keep watching as it does. Happy vapor trails, everybody!