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Vape News in Brief Sunday Edition – May 14th, 2017

Vape News in Brief Sunday Edition – May 14th, 2017


It's that time again – let's take a look around the interweb for the latest news as pertains to the world of vaping.


While the Cole-Bishop budget amendment may be dead, the congressional fight over vaping is far from over reminds the *Palm Beach Post*. Two House resolutions, HR 1136 ad HR 2194, still stand a puncher's chance at replacing the FDA's current 2007 deeming regulation predicate date.


Speaking of those two bills, here's a little more info on both of them. The former, introduced by Reps. Cole and Bishop (of the failed Cole-Bishop budget ploy), would push back the predicate date to August 2016, grandfathering thousands of products and allowing them to stay on the market. The former, the product of Rep. Duncan Hunter, attempts to establish a framework for regulating vapor devices entirely independent of the one in place for regulating actual tobacco products.


Yet another reminder that you need to use your batteries safely: A Detroit police officer suffered severe burns after letting an 18650 battery in his pocket go into thermal runaway. From the photos and video provided it's easy to tell that the culprit was some sort of off-brand cell (never, ever use those!), and it appears he'd done nothing to shield the positive and negative contacts from other metal in his pocket like keys, change, or other batteries (never, ever do that!). While all of these stories seem to end with "The poorly-informed victim vowed to give up vaping," we can only hope that one day the closing line will be "The victim chose to learn about the dangers of mishandling batteries and behaving foolishly around electricity." One can dream…


New vaping laws aren't just a problem for Americans, they're sweeping Britain as well. Although some seem weirdly arbitrary (no tanks that hold more than 2 ml of liquid, and no liquid stronger than 20 mg/ml), such lax regulation would likely be cause for celebration on this side of the pond.



Heck, even Belarus is looking to jump on the restrictions bandwagon…


Finally, some good information on lithium-ion battery safety. Note this article reminds consumers that lithium-ion cells aren't just for e-cigs, they're also in your laptop, your mobile phone, your tablet, and many other portable devices (even my power tools all run off blocks of 18650 cells linked in series). It also agrees with what we've been preaching for years – bad batteries, bad chargers, and bad charging habits are all easily avoided by anyone who doesn't want to set themselves on fire.


There's a story making the rounds on the Facebooks that a "new" Japanese study found that e-cigarettes have "ten times as much formaldehyde as real cigarettes." Luckily, longtime internet lie debunker Snopes is on the case.


Australia has hit a soon-to-be-defunct vapor company with a $55,000 fine for claiming that its products were carcinogen-free. Remember, given the limited data set we have available, it's believed e-cigarettes are a *harm reduction* tool – vaping isn't better than breathing nothing but clean, fresh air. We're just firmly convinced it's far better than smoking.


Vapers in Louisville, Kentucky are celebrating – they were successful in seeking a carve-out in a citywide smoking ban to allow non-tobacco e-liquids to be vaped inside brick-and-mortar stores, likely saving dozens of retailers in the area from a certain death.


Filed under "things could always be worse" – vaping is entirely illegal in the United Arab Emirates. Tobacco shops caught selling the harm-reduction products face confiscation of their inventory and stiff fines for repeat offenses.


We're always up for reporting new ways to fight the FDA. On Friday, the right-wing think tank Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the agency, claiming that their request for internal emails related to the agency's findings on the health risk of vaping didn't receive a timely response. While this might seem like a mindless detail, it could in fact be something of a bombshell if it turns out the FDA knew vapor products were considerably safer than tobacco but still decided to lump them in under the same regulatory framework.


We'll end with a pretty good takedown of *Still Blowing Smoke*, an inane California anti-vapor campaign funded by tens of millions of state dollars directed at misinforming state residents. While the author doesn't nail all of the pertinent points, he's pretty well informed for someone who's apparently never smoked or vaped.


That's it for now, we'll be back soon!