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Vape Snapshot: Berry Blow Doe - Humble Juice


Vape Snapshot: Berry Blow Doe - Humble Juice

For a fresh, summertime fruity flavor, today we’re going to explore one of the juiciest flavors from Humble Juice Co, Berry Blow Doe e-liquid.

Humble is one of the more well respected brands of e-liquids, and this is one of their most popular flavors. Vapers love it so much they're now offering a new twin pack that offers more juice for your buck, doubling up on 60 ml gorilla bottles at a special reduced price. Sleek black packaging also replaces the old clear bottles, lending a more refined look.  

Berry Blow Doe comes in a 20/80 PG/VG blend, and it's available with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nic levels. As for the flavor profile, expect a mix of berries with an underlying sweet blow pop bubble gum flavor. It's definitely a sweet (and addictive) combination.

What makes the Berry Blow Doe such a popular blend? Let’s dive in.   


Swirls of bubblegum drops seem to stick to the roof of your mouth when you first take a hit of this potent e-liquid. There's a serious amount of sweetness up front, rolling into a blend of berries. After you get through the bubblegum inhale, raspberry, blueberry, and blue raspberry take over, and you’re left with your mouth watering.

The mouth-watering appeal is my favorite part of this blend. It simulates all the best parts of desiring more and more candy. It’s not too tart. It’s not at all tangy. It just hits the literal sweet spot on what makes candy blends so enjoyable to use all day long. And make no mistake, this is an all-day vape contending flavor if we’ve ever tasted one.

The best way to describe it is simple: instant gratification in a bottle. Just like when you go to a carnival, this isn’t quite cotton candy (there are other dedicated cotton candy flavors if you're so inclined) but it’s pretty close. This is candy flavor overload, mixed with a bit of fruit to offset the sugar rush. If you’re a fan of sweet flavors, put this one in your next cart before checkout.

Performance and Packaging

All that sweetness aside, Berry Blow Doe delivers a potent throat hit for a high-VG, low-nic liquid. If you’re trying to move away from smoking cigarettes and shifting over to vaping this, this is a good starter liquid. Most vapers who put down cigarettes and pick up vaping quickly begin to prefer sweet tastes, as it's a way to disassociate smoking from vaping and the extra flavor punch helps get through to taste buds that haven't fully healed from years of smoking. If this sounds like you, you might want to check out the Berry Blow Doe.

We've got to say, we're really liking the new packaging of Humble products. On the original rollout of this juice, one of the complaints was that the bright and exciting flavors and box design were mismatched with the rather plain and clear design of the bottle.

Now there’s a beautiful black box design with aesthetically pleasing label on the side. This is matched by an appropriately pitch black bottle with big pink letters on it. Overall, the way that Humble packaged this is much classier, and much more pleasing on the eyes and in your hand.


Berry Blow Doe by Humble is somewhat of a classic choice by now. With its newest packaging and twin pack,not only do you get a more attractive package, you can save with discounted re-ups. This is a particularly good strategy for purchasing this flavor because of how sweet and addictive it is to begin with. The only real downside to this flavor is the pronounced throat hits if you’re not a fan of those. Otherwise, this is a valuable addition to anyone’s collection of e-liquids.