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Vape Snapshot: Origin Refillable Pod Mod Starter Kit - Sigelei

Vape Snapshot: Origin Refillable Pod Mod Starter Kit - Sigeleii

When it comes to quality refillable pod systems, the Origin Refillable Pod Mod Starter Kit by Sigelei is a solid offering from a proven manufacturer. Sporting an egg-shaped design and offering quality vapor production, this new device enters a pretty crowded field of competitors. There’s unfortunately not a whole lot to differentiate this device from the field, aside from the respected Sigelei name, which has been around since the earliest days of advanced vapor devices.

This gets to a larger point: pod systems are all over the place these days, and finding the one that works for you can be difficult. The Origin is probably going to be a good backup mod for vapers also using advanced devices, as the loose-ish airflow is likely going to be a bit more than mouth-to-lung purists or recent cigarette converts are accustomed to.  


In the age-old Chicken v. Egg debate, we're guessing Sigelei sides with the egg, because that's the general design concept of their "Origin" device - a flattened egg.

The device features smooth sides all around, with no sharp edges or corners to speak of. The plastic top tank, like most similar pod devices, attaches to the battery base using a pair of magnets - these ones are notably strong, requiring a bit of effort to break the pod away from the battery.

The pod itself is a dark, nearly opaque plastic material. Its stated capacity is 2.0 ml, which will lead to fewer refills than competing devices require. Because of the near-blackout tank condition, keeping an eye on liquid levels can be a bit tricky - we'd have liked to see the liquid window a few shades lighter.

The battery comes in four colors: black, white, red, and turquoise. It has an advertised battery life of 600 mAh and provides a steady 7.5 watts of power delivery - that big a battery delivering that little power means you should be able to get just about a full day's use on one charge cycle, though a micro-USB port allows for quick charging on the go. Aside from that charge port, however, you won't find anything else on the battery body: no on/off switch, no buttons, no adjustments.


The Origin is a surprisingly strong performer, generating more vapor and flavor than comparable pod systems despite the low power output. As we mentioned earlier, this is probably largely a function of a non-adjustable airflow that's a bit looser than we're used to seeing on pods. It's certainly not a direct-lung experience, but the vaping experience is going to be one of the better ones for vapers who usually prefer advanced mods.

Filling is done through a single fill port accessed underneath the pod when it's disconnected from the battery. Again, the darker color makes it difficult to keep an eye on liquid levels, but the large capacity means fills won't be occurring as often.

One standout feature your wallet will appreciate is exceptional pod life. Most manufacturers of refillable pods will recommend discarding them after 4-5 uses, we've seen reports of users consistently getting as many as 10 or more refills out of Origin pods before performance begins to decline.


Our first gripe is a common one: the starter kit comes with only a single refillable pod. While the Origin pods do tend to outlast others, you're going to need replacements eventually. We'd really like pod systems to ship with at least two replacement pods.

Another drawback, depending on your perspective, might be the draw. Recent smoking converts and adherents of a tight mouth-to-lung style might find the Origin a bit airy for their liking


The Origin Refillable Pod Mod Starter Kit by Sigelei is a good device, for what it is. It checks all the boxes when it comes to ultra-portable devices, but it doesn’t offer much more than a new look for an old style. There's no reason not to choose this device if you're looking for a new pod mod, but design-wise there's also no real compelling reason to choose the Origin over a handful of similar competitors.