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Vape Snapshot: Preco Disposable MTL Sub Ohm Tank - Vzone

Vape Snapshot: Preco Disposable MTL Sub Ohm Tank - Vzone


The Preco Disposable MTL Sub Ohm Tank by Vzone continues a recent trend of cheap clearomizer tanks designed with no-maintenance vapers in mind. These tanks are becoming more common as newer vapers transition from entry-level cigalikes and pod mods into larger mod-styled tanks. They're simple, cheap to replace and have many of the features you might expect in a more advanced sub-ohm tank without all of the cleaning and maintenance usually required.

The Preco tank can be purchased separately or paired with a stick battery as a complete kit. In this review, we’ll be looking at the tank on its own.


This tank has a 0.9 inch (24mm) diameter, holding up to 3.0 ml (2.0 ml versions are available for EU compliance) and a 510-threaded connection pin making it compatible with most mods. The tank is either clear or frosted grey, designed to light up when used in conjunction with the available stick mod, which has LEDs mounted around the 510 threads.

The Preco isn't designed to be taken apart, with the plastic components permanently attached to the 0.15-ohm mesh coil in the center (a first, so far as we know, for disposable clearomizers). The entire top cap, including the built-in mouthpiece, rotates to access the adjustable airflow ports below the coil.

A rubber fill plug (one spare is included in the package) covers the top fill port for easy access and is recessed to fit flush with the top of the tank when closed.


Vzone says the ideal power range for the Preco is between 40 and 70 watts, with the sweet spot being right in the middle at 50-60. This makes it ideal for direct-lung vapers using traditionally-extracted nicotine, salt-based nic liquids will probably deliver too much nicotine and closing the airflow for mouth-to-lung vaping risks burning the wicking surrounding the low-resistance coil for pulls longer than a couple of seconds.

Cloud production and flavor are both solid, delivering a quality vape you'd expect from much more expensive mid-tier clearomizer tanks. It still falls short of the performance you'd expect from a top-tier clearomizer or rebuildable device, however.

The airflow adjustment ring can be a bit sticky out of the box, but it operates fine once the tank is securely attached to the mod. The plug covering the fill port can also be a bit tricky to remove, which is good in preventing leaks but at the same time a pain when it's time to refill.

On longevity, Vzone estimates a tank will last for about two weeks before needing disposal. That's quite subjective, given the amount and type of e-liquid one vapes can affect coil life dramatically. But, from the reports we've seen, most vapers are usually getting two weeks or more out of the Preco, making the lifespan claims seem believable or even understated.


The biggest drawback to the Preco is its plastic construction. If you’re environmentally conscious, disposing of a whole tank rather than just a coil creates more waste. Remember to recycle them! Another drawback to plastic tanks is that the tank walls can react negatively to some flavors like licorice, citrus or cinnamon, which can cause polycarbonate to crack. We'll note here that the Preco is constructed from polyetherimide, rather than the polycarbonate preferred in previous plastic tank incarnations - it remains to be seen whether the two will react similarly when exposed to "tank cracker" liquids.

There's also the matter of cost - while still cheap, buying a whole new tank every time your coil burns out is likely going to be costlier in the long run than simply replacing coils.

Also, a side note - if you purchase the Preco starter kit, be aware there's no way to turn off the LED lights under the tank - while you can change the color of the fire-activated lighting, it can't be disabled. Coupled with the clear plastic tank, stealth vaping is off the table.  


The Preco Disposable MTL Sub Ohm Tank by Vzone is a pretty good deal. It’s only about $5 per tank, which is pretty affordable. If you work outdoors, or in other settings where your mod is prone to damage, there's peace of mind in knowing a drop won't destroy a $40 glass tank. It's also a good backup or even primary device for traveling, alleviating the need to carry spare coils, o-rings, and tank glass to address problems when you're far from home.

The Preco doesn't replace the traditional glass-and-metal clearomizer, but we can see plenty of situations where it would be a worthy stand-in