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Vaping in Wedding Photos is the Hot New Thing

Vaping in Wedding Photos is the Hot New Thing


Vaping in Wedding Photos is the Hot New Thing

Vaping can bring people together in so many special ways. More and more happy couples, it seems, are uniting around their vape lifestyles. With a rise in vaping among young people as the preferred alternative to burning plants, we've seen a new trend at weddings: some newlyweds have begun to center their weddings and wedding photos around plumes of vapor.

We're interested in why vaping in wedding photos has become a trend. It’s a full-fledged phenomenon that's recently broken into the mainstream consciousness, and you won't be surprised to learn that people in the non-vapor world have some strong opinions. We'll discuss how you can plan and execute your very own themed wedding photos, or, if you’re ambitious, an entire wedding centered around vaping.

The reason for vapor clouds in wedding photo isn’t too difficult to understand, especially if vaping is a big part of you lives. There's a certain symbolism attached to mixing amorphous and vapor-like things, like feelings and themes of love, fidelity, and loyalty.

This also fits into a theme that a lot of wedding ceremonies fall into. Traditional weddings have long involved ceremonies blending in elements of a couple's lives, such as a beach theme or a focus on fine wines, in addition to exchanging vows and rings. In that spirit, mixing vapor isn’t so far off. However, for most of you, it probably just means you get some cool looking photos with massive clouds.

Whatever the reason, you've begun taking photos of yourselves puffing clouds in your nuptial galleries. You might also post photos of the entire wedding party all taking a puff together in celebration.

Most of these photos are rather sweet. Instead of dryly showing off the groom and bride, vape fog adds an element of mystery or elegance. There’s an object and mood that’s captured by including the presence of the vapor particles in the air.

The media has finally gotten wind of this trend, and some have gleefully and disparagingly reported on it, take the New York Post for example. Others, like the folks at Brides, have covered the topic a little bit more favorably, but still with air of underserved incredulousness. It seems most people are under the impression that young people are the only ones using vaping. These articles do give us a glimpse, though, into how a trend that has been brewing in certain sections of the population comes into the mainstream.

It started when some vape wedding pictures caught fire on Twitter, and in further investigation on a Reddit thread, r/trashy, the Post discovered that people have been doing this for at least two years, and that there’s a trove of couples that have embarked on a life together with vape in hand. Some, especially in the editorialization of the Post article, have emphasized it as a distasteful trend, as the name of the Reddit sub might suggest.

If you’re interested in doing your own vaping wedding photos and/or vaping themed wedding, there are a few things to consider, not least of which is other non-vapers coming to the event. If you’re going to have the entire event vape-themed, you should let everyone coming to the event that it’s going to be vape-friendly, and to prepare them for that.

Put it on the invitation. Make it known. Advertise that it’s a part of the ceremony and people coming to the event are best informed by the eventual presence of vapor. Understand that such an event isn't going to be kid-friendly, and some family and friends may be hesitant to get involved without assurances they won't have to be fogged out by clouds if they don't want to be.

Regardless of the takes being issued by the mainstream press, we think this vape-friendly wedding trend is pretty cool. As long as you're willing to take some common-sense precautions like providing vape-free spaces for Aunt Edna and Nephew Junior, we think a vape union can be a great idea.