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Vaping Still On The Curriculum for Duke University, But Smoking’s Out

Vaping Still On The Curriculum for Duke University, But Smoking’s Out



Vaping Still On The Curriculum for Duke University, But Smoking’s Out

Do you know the motto for Duke University? Larry, encyclopedia extraordinaire, told us eagerly it was “Eruditio et Religio”.

And once more we all nodded, but Dave took a shot and guessed it was another Latin phrase.

He was right: it meant ‘Erudition and Religion’ as Larry put it.

Fun fact: Larry didn’t go to Duke University. No one here did. The closest we have to a student from Duke is a intern wearing a sweater she got from the thrift store. But if we did, we'd have been able to vape on campus.


And students there, despite tightening of vapor policies at campuses across the nation, still can.


According to Duke Today, because of course we’ll reference University President Vincent Price-

(No, not that Vincent Price. We can dream.)

-the university will be invoking a new policy on smoking on their campuses that will be in effect by July 1, 2022.

The new policy will prohibit the use and sale of combustible tobacco products. That list includes cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, and hookah shisha.

Which sucks if you use any those. However,….if you vape, it’s all good!

The policy will not apply to non-combustible forms of tobacco including e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or therapeutic products containing nicotine.

So we can keep our customers! We mean, um, vaping is Duke-approved!

Also, according to the news posting, this choice was a collective student, faculty and staff decision. Along with smoking of combustible tobacco products being banned from the campus grounds, Duke Stores will also discontinue the sale of tobacco products by July 1, 2018.

Sooo, next month. Sucks to smoke cigs then.

But before you cry words that’ll kick you out of your Statistics course, hear us (and Duke) out. They're giving the policy a two-year implementation period, and for good reason.

With that time frame, it gives the population of students, faculty and staff the time to seek support and treatment to stop smoking.

As we all know, nicotine dependence is an addiction that often requires treatment. And here at Breazy, we have discussed the health concerns and risks that come with smoking. Which is why we're happy about Duke’s efforts to improve the health of the student body and everyone else.

The Duke Center for Smoking Cessation will be spearheading this effort and offer a robust, evidence-based treatment program to support those who want to quit smoking.

Duke is far from alone in enforcing a smoking policy. Many other colleges and universities across the country that have adopted smoke-free policies as well, and for good reason. It’s one of the leading causes of preventable death, like not petting a shark, in the United States.

“This new policy reflects our commitment to the health of every person who studies or works in our community,” said the article.

Honestly, good for them, and good for acknowledging the benefits and much safer variants of smoking like vaping, which are often ignored when institutions and governments take the illogical shortcut of treating vapor products as if they're no different from conventional tobacco.

Now we have another contender to think of for grad school. At least one person here has the school spirit.