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Vuse CIRO E-Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Vuse CIRO E-Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Vuse CIRO E-Cigarette Starter Kit Review

If you're looking for a device that's sleek, lightweight, and feels nearly identical to a cigarette in your hand, the Vuse Ciro E-Cigarette Starter Kit may be the perfect fit for you. It's a simple device that lives up to its motto "Draw and enjoy." There's no complex set-up or maintenance involved with use, which makes it perfect for new vapers.

The device is made of two parts, a rechargeable battery and disposable cartridge. Extremely thin, the overall shape mimics a cigarette and is nearly as lightweight. The material is very sleek and fits comfortably between fingers.

The cartridges hold 0.9mL of pre-filled liquid, and they contain about 1.5% nicotine by weight (15mg nicotine). This makes the concentration roughly in line with, or perhaps slightly less than where most ex-smokers want to be. However, the throat hit is pretty bold, so it's really up to you to try it out and see how it satisfies your taste.


The flavors currently available include tropical fruit, mint, tobacco, nectar (fruit medley), melon, menthol, and fusion (a blend of fruit and cream). As you can see, the flavors are varied and Vuse frequently releases new liquids. The starter kit, which goes for $15.99, comes with a tobacco flavored cartridge.

Like most vape devices, the Ciro uses a USB charger - the battery has a 260 milliamp-hour (260 mAh) capacity, enough to last most vapers all day on a single charge. A cool perk of the device is that it offers two-way charging. What I mean by this is that the charger has both magnetic and screw-in options. This makes charging very convenient; all it takes is a simple placement of the device on top of the charger and it snaps right into place. However, it seems screwing it in charges the device faster. Either way, it's your call.

Set-up is pretty simple. The first thing you should do is charge the battery to 100%. This will help ensure you'll get the most out of your device. Once it has been charged, attach the cartridge by screwing it into the top, and voila, you're ready to vape. It's as simple as that.

The device has no screen, like most cigalikes, to indicate its status. Instead, a simple LED light on the bottom is used. When puffing, the white light will fade in and out. A low battery is indicated by a flashing white light. When it's connected to its charger, the Ciro will present a solid white light. As the charging progresses, the device will switch between three colors. Red means the device has just started charging, orange/yellow means it is almost complete, and green indicates a full charge.

Upon first use, the CIRO is similar to the Vuse Vibe. But unlike the Vibe, the Ciro's flavor is a bit muted. This seems to be the result of the ceramic wicking technology. This isn't to say that the flavor isn't great, because it remains quite pronounced. The drag seems a bit loose compared to other devices, but isn't anything to complain about.

The device never seems to yield a dry hit, which is wonderful. In my personal experience, almost every refillable cartridge requires some initial priming and gives off some dry hits. With the Ciro, however, from full cartridge to empty, the drag remains full, and never hurts the throat, which is impressive for a mass-market cigalike.

The Ciro is a great product and is reasonably priced. However, the cartridges run out pretty fast, and the replacement packs, which contain three cartridges, go for about $14. Considering that, you might want to be a bit economical with your puffs. Regardless, I definitely recommend the Ciro as it's sleek, portable, and yields great flavor. Its simplicity is perfect for new vapers and will definitely satisfy those who are trying to quit cigs, as it mimics them pretty well. Be sure to get your hands on one today!