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What Flavors & Nicotine Levels Do Vape Pods Offer?

What Flavors & Nicotine Levels Do Vape Pods Offer?

What Flavors & Nicotine Levels Do Vape Pods Offer?

After learning about how pod mods work, we've come to the fun part: picking out your favorite flavors and an ideal nicotine level. Where to start? Well, here’s a rundown of flavor categories and a quick guide to nicotine strength (more on that latter point here).


Tobacco and Menthol are great starters for people who are former smokers. Even these two e-cig staples have their own personal categories: menthol comes in various flavors from classic to peppermint candy, and tobacco can come in mild, sweet, Cuban, or any variation that hearkens back to the original taste.


Vaping your favorite soda brand, or at least a mimicry of said brand might seem like a diet fad, but it’s not. Soda flavors are usually bubbly seltzer, classic cola, lime soda, and club soda. Unfortunately, like all other flavors that are not tobacco or menthol, this type of flavor is only available for purchase at a vape shop or at an e-commerce website.


Whether you have a significant sweet tooth, or you just like to try something sweet on occasion, sweets are a massive flavor category in the online vaping market. From classic desserts like Moon Pie, chocolate delights like a milkshake, or toasty sweetness like smores, these are a great resource to get a slight sugar high.


Fruit, while technically sweet, has such a huge selection it deserves its own category. Popular fruit options are apple, strawberry, and blueberry. However tropical fruit is also popular including watermelon, pineapple, and mango.

After all, who doesn’t like fruit?

Nicotine Strength

When selecting a nicotine level, there are two considerations: the correct dose, and how that dose will impact your liquid's flavor.

We cover nicotine strength more extensively in this piece, but as a general rule of thumb all but the heaviest smokers will want to start with 12 mg or lower using traditional nicotine. Salt-based nicotine extracts will allow for a much higher concentration, which we'll dive into below.

Nicotine strength itself can be a bit confusing, as it's long been measured in the number of milligrams nicotine dissolved in a milliliter of e-liquid (mg/ml). Some pod systems and salt-based refills, though, prefer to convey their nicotine content as a percentage of the total liquid.

For those who aren’t a fan of guesswork, the way to obtain the amount of nicotine is simple math. Convert the liquid (in milligrams per milliliter, or ml) to a percentage by moving the decimal point to the left of the numerical value.  

Ex: 25 mg/ml equals 2.5% total nicotine content, while 5.0% nicotine equals 50 mg/ml.

If previously you were a heavy smoker, a higher nicotine level might be more appealing so that you can work your way down to a lower nicotine level, eventually reaching a point where you would not want any nicotine in your liquid and can officially quit nicotine addiction.

But how does that impact flavor?

When traditional nicotine is vaped much above 6 mg/ml, it'll start to develop a harsh flavor, sometimes one that can overpower the actual flavoring in your liquid, but it'll almost always add considerable throat hit. This is why nicotine salts have emerged as the preferred extraction method for pod-based devices, as they can deliver a much higher level of nicotine without negatively impacting flavor.

We highly suggest using the vaping community’s online forums to ask questions, and to look at product reviews to judge which nicotine level and which flavor combination would be the best for you.

And there you have it! Our crash course on flavors and nicotine levels in vaping pods.

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