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Why Use Zero Nicotine Vapor Products?

Why Use Zero Nicotine Vapor Products?


There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to vaping, but perhaps the most important is nicotine strength. Consumers want more options when it comes to the amount of nicotine they are vaping and the market is thankfully responding. There are now more varieties of nicotine strength than everincluding nicotine-free liquid, also known as the “0mg” option.

Products with zero nicotine have been around for as long as vaping has existed and have gained popularity with every new generation of innovative products. Here we’ll explore the advantages of using nic-free products and highlight companies like Blu, which has been one of the most popular brands to offer a wide range of 0 nic options.

At first glance, 0 nic liquids and products might seem counterintuitive, which makes sense since a majority of vapor products have nicotine and the majority of vapers prefer nicotine in their products. However, some vapers prefer 0 nic juices because it offers them a way to regulate their nicotine intake. Others simply enjoy the taste and experience of vaping without having to use nicotine at all. Since, as we all know, vaping is a fun activity in and of itself.

Let’s look first at how nicotine intake can be regulated through closed systems for the purposes of smoking cessation. Vaping products come in various different strengths. For example, large-scale vaping companies such as Blu have developed a three-tiered system with devices and flavored pods offered with 2.4 percent nic (24 mg/ml), 1.2 percent nic (12 mg/ml), and 0 mg. Not all companies have adopted this model, however. By contrast, the popular cigalikes made by Juul are generally made with 5 percent (50 mg) nic, with only a handful of flavors offering 3 percent options. Companies like Blu have been developing these new generation of devices to help vapers gradually reduce their nicotine intake without putting down their devices.

To go from being a smoker to completely nicotine-free is often a difficult journey fraught with missteps and relapses. Once a smoker quits combustible cigarettes, the body still craves the daily nic fix, therefore a quitter will need a certain level of nicotine in order to stave off the dreaded withdrawal symptoms that can lead back to smoking relapses. After becoming acclimated to lower nicotine levels, people can work toward eliminating nicotine entirely by gradually weaning off it until they are only using 0 nic products.

With flavored e-liquids, the process of nicotine cessation is a bit different, but can have a similar outcome. Nicotine-free juices used in an open system device can be mixed with others containing nicotine to dilute the level in every puff until nicotine is no longer present in the juice.

For those who are not trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, 0 nic liquid has the added bonus of delivering a smoother flavor than juice with nicotine because it eliminates the bitterness and "throat hit" associated with nicotine. Without nicotine in a blend, the taste really can shine through much more brightly. Additionally, 0 nic products are optimal for anyone who likes cloud chasing competitions or just enjoys puffing giant clouds. That’s because the absence of nicotine means a larger proportion of other ingredients that make bigger, puffier clouds.

You can find a whole host of 0 nic vaping products all over Breazy. We offer a wide variety of flavored e-liquids for both open and closed systems that come with or without nicotine.

Back to the Blu brand, they’ve recently come out with a new generation of MyPods all offered in the three-tiered system that includes 0 nic options. We particularly love MyBlu Blueberry Liquid Pods, which go perfectly with my MyBlu Starter Kit. As summer ends and real blueberries go out of season (sad face), the MyBlue pods are a delicious way to get your berry fix deep into the long months of winter.