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Women Who Vape: A Forgotten Gender

Women Who Vape: A Forgotten Gender

As the vaping industry continues to enjoy a run of unprecedented growth and new studies continue to emerge suggesting the habit is much healthier than smoking, there remains a group that unfortunately doesn't get the attention they deserve: female vapers.


As new mods are produced and released, we've seen the resurgence of large, bulky box mods with just a few smaller-sized releases in between. Typically, mods designed for women sport a colorful pink or purple finish without much more thought given to what might actually appeal to this demographic. One has to wonder - have the manufacturers simply given up on crafting box mods that appeal to women? Did they ever even try?


Over the past few years we've seen all sorts of ergonomic design efforts from companies such as Kanger and Smoktech, but that really isn't saying much when the industry wide ergonomic design is fitted towards the usually-larger hand of a man. Frequent personal conversations we've had with women who vape seem to prove the notion that they are a forgotten class of consumer.


Performance over design has always been paramount in the vaping industry (trust us, we've seen some pretty horrendous designs that actually perform quite well), and while women are strongly represented in the e-liquid department (one of the first and to this day greatest mixologists ever is none other than Pip Gresham of Suicide Bunny) when it comes to hardware they are more often than not an afterthought.


With an ever-expanding audience of both genders, manufacturing needs to take into account that vaping isn't always a one-size-fits-all proposition. Sadly, we've met many women reluctant to give up their old eGo-style devices despite performance complaints simply because they don't want the bulk and heft of a giant, heavy mod.


New-generation cigalikes, while not the ideal choice for cost-conscious vapers, at the moment present some of the best alternatives to larger devices, while products such as the Dripbox and Cupti provide an alternative intermediate size experience. With miniature versions of the latest popular tanks being released all the time, why aren't mods following closely behind?


We're certainly not here to paint an entire gender with a broad brush when it comes to mod preferences, but we would like to take this moment as an open call to the industry – it's time to include more female vapers in the research and development process. Doing so would lead to better and more varied choices for everyone that cares about vaping.