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A clearomizer (known as clearo for short) is an affordable alternative to the atomizer and cartomizer in e-cigarretes. These are the parts of the e-cig where the e-liquid is placed and then it is converted into vapor. A typical clearomize will have a tank that hold the e-liquid, a coil that heats the liquid converting it into vapor and a mouthpiece from which the vapor is inhaled. There is a wick that moves the e-liquid to the coil.

A clearo is a simple tool that makes it possible to enjoy e-cigarretes. The tank is made up of clear plastic or glass. When the device is powered on, the coil is heated and it turns around heating the e-liquid. Vape clearomizers easily turn e-liquid into inhalable vapor that is delivered directly from mouth to lungs.

Why choose clearos over other e-cigs? They have a large capacity. You will find a tank that can hold between 1 and 5 ml. Just choose the one you need based on your vaping needs. Other qualities to look for when choosing the best vaporizer include replaceable coil heads, a great design and great vape tastes. The kind of inhalation offered is also important. Choose to have indirect inhalation clearos if you want to draw the vapor into your mouth them breathe it into the lungs. If you would rather it directly hits the lungs, go for direct clearos.

How do you take good care of your clearo to ensure that it works perfectly at all times? It all starts from purchasing. Find one that is high in quality and you will have a good experience. Once it is in your possession, you need to clean it after every use. Use warm water for best results. When refilling, avoid pouting e-liquid into the metallic tube that extends from one end to the middle of the tank. Any liquid poured there ends up in the batteries damaging them. It will even affect the taste of the vape so be careful. If you smoke different e-liquid flavors, use each with its own clearo. This will help avoid weird tastes that result from mixing two or more flavors.

How long should you hold on to your ecigarette clearomizer? Most manufacturers make these devices to be affordable and easy to let go of. After using a clearo for a while, you will notice that it loses its vapor production capabilities and the flavors produced may be weaker. As soon as you notice a change, toss that vaporizer away and get another one. After all, these are very affordable. Alternatively, buy a clearo with a replacable coil and only replace this when the need arises.

If you are looking for quality and affordable clearos, this is the right place. From the many options we have you will surely find one that will suit your needs and preferences. Happy vaping!