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Dragon Line E Liquid
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Dragon Line E Liquid

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Dragon Line E Liquid  


This collection is filled with so many e liquids that it might even make you have this strange love for dragons. If you did not love them before, from those famous fantasy genre television shows, then the Dragon Line E Liquid collection might just do the trick. This collection has ten different e liquids for you to choose from. While some can be pretty fruits, there are others that will be very sweet for you to enjoy vaping with. Flaming Dragon is an interesting e liquid because it might make you reminisce about the first time you went to a party and just wanted to get hammered with a cinnamon drink. This e liquid will give you a rush of cinnamon flavor that will make you almost think that you are about to do the cinnamon challenge. However, Flaming Dragon knows when enough is enough because it puts the right amount that does not make this unbearable. Instead, every time you take a pull, it makes you feel as if you are taking a short of a tasty cinnamon whiskey. Dragon Candy is the e liquid that puts vanilla, blueberry, and cotton candy together to give you a sensation that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Whenever you feel like you want something sweet, taking a pull of this e liquid will make you feel as if you are picking at some tasty cotton candy. Convicted Dragon might give you the idea that these dragons are just up to no good, but the only trouble this e liquid is causing is making it impossible for you to put this flavor down. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can taste a tart strawberry, with sweet banana, and the creamy sensation of some custard. Sounds like a delicious apple pie waiting to enter your mouth. These are just a few of the e liquid in the collection that will give you a lot of flavor with impeccable clouds to enjoy at the end.